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One Week In: Going from an inner spring to Sheets & Giggles' hybrid latex mattress
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One Week In: Going from an inner spring to Sheets & Giggles' hybrid latex mattress

Going from an inner spring mattress to a hybrid latex mattress

(Read part 1 of this series here and part 3 of the series here.)

I don’t know about you, but whenever I make a big new purchase — whether that’s a car, a unicycle, or, say, a mattress — there’s a bit of an adjustment period. As much as you might want to jump right in and act like nothing has changed, it takes some time to get used to your new item. 

Well, I’ve spent the last week or so getting deeply acquainted with the Sheets & Giggles Natural Eucalyptus Mattress. After some strong initial impressions, it was time to see if the S&G mattress could hold up to its own hype — and my tossing and turning. 

Woman laying on her stomach on a mattress

Can the S&G mattress handle the pressure — literally?

Here’s how it went:

Inner spring vs. hybrid latex mattress

To be honest, the S&G didn’t exactly have big shoes to fill compared to my previous mattress. The mattress I had before (which has since gone to the mattress recycling center in the sky) was a traditional innerspring mattress that didn’t do much to help my sleep. Is a little support too much to ask for? This mattress certainly seemed to think so. It was also long past time for a replacement which didn’t do the old mattress any favors. 

The S&G mattress showed very early on that it shouldn't even be talked about in the same breath as my old mattress. Frankly, it’s just a cut above. 

For example, as someone with back pain, I really needed support and pressure relief from this new mattress. It wasn’t unusual to wake up after a night on my previous mattress with new back aches and pains, so I was hoping my new mattress would offer better support. The S&G mattress delivered that in spades. It contours nicely to the body with minimal sinkage and offers some much-needed relief to my back pain. No more moaning and groaning in the morning! 

(Well, still a little tbh since it’s the morning, but not related to back pain anymore. That’s a win!)

Woman wrapped in purple sheet showing only her eyes

Catch me hiding from the alarm clock and my responsibilities...

A week later

I was worried initially about the firmness of the S&G mattress. S&G describes the mattress as “medium-firm.” While that sounds good, it’s hard to get a clear idea of what that actually means. I wasn’t sure I would like that firmness level in practice. But after sleeping on the mattress for a week, I’m very pleased with how firm it is. Not too firm or too soft, honestly — just hovering in the ideal middle ground. 

Since my previous mattress was (overly) soft, it did take me a few days to adjust to this new firmer mattress. But it’s like breaking in a pair of new shoes — once you do it, you get the benefit of years of comfort. 

Something else I noticed very early about the mattress is that it lives up to its cooling claims. I’m no stranger to overheating at night, and that hasn’t been a problem so far on the S&G mattress. Of course, it’s still early days. The real test of the mattress’s cooling properties will come in the summer when it seems like even sleeping in a freezer wouldn’t be enough to stay cool. 

Just a note: I did avoid using the mattress the day I unpackaged it as it had a distinct rubbery smell, but that wasn’t an issue by the next night. I also found that you can’t sit super comfortably on the end of the bed since it doesn’t quite have enough edge support there. 

But those minor issues aside, so far, so good. These days, I’ve got a new reason to look forward to going to bed — getting to spend some quality time with my new mattress. 

Want the experience for yourself? Order the S&G Natural Eucalyptus Mattress now! 

Two men setting up a mattress on a bed frame

And don't forget a buddy to help you set it up!

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