Meet Harvey: Sheets & Giggles' VP of Barketing

Harvey showing off our Eucalyptus throw blankets!

S&G's Top Dog

Our CEO's rescued Jack Russell / Dachshund mix, Harvey loves sleeping in our eucalyptus lyocell sheets more than almost anything else.

As our VP of Barketing, Harvey is responsible for product testing (napping in our sheets), content creation (photoshoots), public relations (wandering around our office building), and recruitment (bringing dogs back with him).

For accomplishing so much in so little time with Sheets & Giggles, Harvey's underdog story made it to Furbes® 3-under-3 list in 2018.
Spoiled rotten and we love him for it

He's the star of this whole operation.

There was some type of movement outside; def an intruder, maybe a squirrel (or both).

He protec

Blue eucalyptus sheets and a white eucalyptus comforter; we'd be upset if asked to leave, too.

He attac

Harvey on our Eucalyptus sheets! Action!

But most importantly, he act.

S&G's first office!

An excellent office assistant.

Eucalyptus sheets with a dobby weave

Our very first, very enthusiastic product tester.

Note: animal testing in this case consisted of Harvey burying himself under fresh eucalyptus sheets for multiple naps over several hours.

Our main model.

His retainer is super affordable.

He is all that is good and pure in this world ❤️