Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Sets

Light Blue
Mint Green
Our Eucalyptus sheets have been called "life changing" and "a freaking miracle." It's true; we are but humble miracle workers.

Read over 1,000 well-written, occasionally funny reviews of our sheets, then snag a set (or two!).

  • Free shipping to most US homes
  • Colors (in order): Bright White, Pearl (Off-White), Charcoal Grey, Light Blue, Ocean Blue, Royal Purple, Midnight Navy, Mint Green
  • 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell made from Eucalyptus trees renewably grown on sustainably managed, responsibly governed farms that don't deplete natural Eucalyptus forests.
  • Naturally softer, more breathable, and more moisture-wicking than cotton.
  • Sustainably made. Using up to 96% less water than cotton sheets, each sheet set we make saves an estimated 5 years' worth of the average person's drinking water vs a cotton set.
  • Hypoallergenic, zero static, zero pesticides used.
  • Extra deep pockets on our fitted sheets fit up to 20” thick mattresses comfortably, with the side benefit of fitting regular mattresses even better. Thick elastic runs all the way around.
  • Eucalyptus knapsack packaging: Sheets and duvet covers come in S&G brand knapsacks that fit a full laptop or yoga mat :)
  • Riskless: free return shipping, no questions asked, no arbitrary time limits (the "try for 100 days" thing everyone else does is weird).
  • Sheet Sets Include: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases.
    • Split King includes 2 Twin XL fitted sheets, 1 King flat sheet, and 2 King pillowcases.
    • Twin Regular and Twin XL sets have just 1 pillowcase.
  • Designed in Denver, CO

You can also add on a sinfully soft eucalyptus duvet cover, some extra pillowcases, or our new gorgeous throw blanket. If you just need a fitted or flat sheet by itself, we can do that for ya.

Unanswered questions? FAQ us, read more about S&G, or give us a shout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1195 reviews
The Perfect Sheets AND Company

Okay, there isn't really anything else I can say about how comfortable and lovely these sheets are that hasn't already been said in previous reviews. They're luxurious and cool to the touch and I couldn't be happier with my evenly-temperatured sleeps. Also, they aren't kidding about the deep-pocketed sheets. I have a hefty mattress pad on top of my already slightly tall mattress, and these sheets still have a little room to spare.

I also want to give mad props to Sheets & Giggles for really committing to sustainability. Literally everything that I received in my shipment was recycle-able or reusable - not a single plastic item. Overall a great product and a great company that stays true to their values! Thanks Sheets & Giggles!

Are you sheeting next?

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about S&G’s products and customer service! I now have a duvet cover (white) that is beautiful, soft, and luxurious. Paired with my buffy comforter, it’s like sleeping under the coziest cloud. I was worried about the differing dimensions and how it would fit, but the two (full/queen) are a match made in eucalyptus heaven. I also ordered a set of the sheets in the pearl color and they are just as dreamy! So soft and cool to the touch and the color is exactly what I was hoping for. My original set had a slight snag in them upon delivery and I was blown away by how quick and accommodating Emily, the customer service person, was in responding to my concern and sending me a new set (snag free and gorgeous, of course). Five stars just simply aren’t enough to rate my satisfaction with S&G! Will definitely be a lifelong customer 💜

Beyond expectations!

I've never paid this much for sheets, and while I wanted to believe they'd perform as advertised, I confess I was leery. But, my goodness! They are amazing. So comfortable and soft -- and they really DO keep me far more comfortable through the night in terms of temperature. They are truly amazing! And the fact they're made from eucalyptus is wonderful. Worth every penny!!

No longer suffocating

Y'all. These sheets are THE SHEET. Normally, I often wake a few times a night to kick the covers off because I'm so hot and I feel like someone is strangling me. I also normally can't sleep with my feet under the covers. But now... Now, I sleep through the night AND my feet are happy undercover. I climb into bed and these sheets are like butter. They are so soft and cool and bring a smile to me face just before I drift off to Dreamland. Thank you, S&G. 😘

Love these sheets!

I love these sheets! They are so smooth and silky, and they look beautiful, too.

love these sheets, softest ever

I am very picky about my sheets and curiosity got to me so I ordered a set of Sheets and Giggles sheets. It must have been their witty repartee and promises of softest and coolest sheets ever. Well, their promises were true and they send me humorous emails, so what more could a customer want?


Finally got in my bed after Christmas - love!
Woke up a couple days ago tangled in thread as top hem had come undone - hate!
Please replace my top sheet in that glorious bright blue. Thank you. Irene Schertz

Hi Irene! S&G team here; that's awful to see, so sorry for this subpar experience! Not at all what we strive for and quite abnormal. Can you please email, and we'll get that replaced or refunded for you ASAP? Thanks so much for letting us know about this right away so we can rectify!
Fabulous Customer Service

I made a mistake with my order and contacted S&G, and Emily immediately fixed my problem!! I haven't even received my sheets yet and I already LOVE this company!!

Luxe bedding experience

Discovered this bedding brand via theSkimm, a daily e-newsletter. I now want to only sleep in Sheets & Giggles bedding. Quality is top notch and every night, I feel like I’m sleeping in 5 star hotel sheets!


These sheets are better than I expected, and I expected only the best from Sheets & Giggles. We're hoping to buy another set soon.

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