Extra Pillowcases (2)

Light Blue
Mint Green

Need more ammo for your pillow fights? 
  • Sizes: Queen (21" W x 31" L) or King (21" W x 37" L)
  • Colors (in order of selection): Royal Purple, Bright White, Pearl (Off-White), Charcoal Grey, Light Blue, Ocean Blue, Midnight Navy, Mint Green
  • 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell renewably made from trees grown on sustainably managed, biodiverse farms.
  • Free shipping to most locations with normal delivery within 2-8 business days.
  • No pesticides or insecticides used.
  • Softer and cooler than cotton.
  • Lower surface friction than cotton – smoother on sensitive skin.
  • More moisture-wicking than cotton, creating a hostile environment for bacteria growth.
  • OEKO-TEX® and FKT® certified, which means S&G is "harmless without exception" and causes no bodily reactions.
  • Free, easy returns: we're so confident that you'll love the feel of eucalyptus that we'll even pay for return shipping.
  • Designed in Denver, CO

Unanswered questions? Check our FAQs, learn more about our sheets, call us at 888-67-SHEET (888-677-4338), or email us anytime at pillowtalk@sheetsgiggles.com!

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Customer Reviews

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Really comfortable

When I was young I had a notion of how silk was supposed to feel. Silk let me down, but these sheets are pretty close. My only complaint is the wash instructions imply it has to be done in a load separate from the rest of the laundry in order to be done properly, but the apparent waste of that is something that can be mitigated by just having more sheets!

Night Giggles

I’m not sheeting you, these are the most amazing, comfortable sheets I’ve ever been in!! I was initially drawn to the fun website; but this company has the goods to back up the fun and lightheartedness! I will never buy from another sheet company. I’m a customer for life!!

It's how I imagine babies feel when they sleep in the womb.....except cold

I can't be more explicit than this. I've never had a comfier sleep.

Soft but wrinkly

Love my sheets! Only thing preventing a 5 star is how wrinkly they get after washing.

The best sheets!

I ordered our first set of S&G sheets last April, and they absolutely met and exceeded expectations - so smooth and light. I realized that I was so much happier when I slid into bed with these sheets versus my other sets (which were very high quality and 2-3x the price). So as a Christmas gift to myself and husband we ordered another set of these so I’ll never have to sleep in the “bad” sheets, plus a set for the guest room. Thanks Sheets and Giggles for making an awesome product.

Super soft!

Loving my pillow cases.


🎶 Heaven… I’m in heaven…
And I’m so astonished how well I can sleep
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
Now I’ve got my purple eucalyptus sheets… 🎶

Finding the Sweet Spots!

I bought S&G sheets to go with a eucalyptus comforter I adore. The comforter company didnt sell sheets. These are perfect! I run hot and usually sleep in egyptian cotton sheets and it's hard to stay cool. Finding those cool sweet spots are difficult. The S&G sheets beats the sheet out of the egyptian cotton. Finding the sweet spots is just a matter of my legs or arms shifting slightly to a different position and then back again when ready for another cool spot! We ordered an extra set of standard pillowcases to go with the kings because I have lots of pillows. We will definitely be buying another set and a duvet cover!

Very soft but...

I have had my sheets for three months. I did read the washing instructions and have followed them but they are faded and already have a hole in the fitted sheet. Definitely not worth it, for such expensive sheets I expected more. Super soft to sleep on, I will give them that.

A hole?! Please email hi@sheetsgiggles.com and we'll get that defect replaced for you ASAP and will try to investigate what happened to have caused that. So sorry to hear about that, but thank you for letting us know about this issue right away! We'll take care of everything for you right away.
Love the sheet out of my new sheets!

Hesitated a bit before ordering due to the price. However, when a topper was bought for the already 18" deep mattress, and Christmas was coming, I ordered and couldn't be happier. The sheets are super soft, no wrinkles when they come out of the dryer, and best of all, stay on the extra deep mattress with no shifting! Had to return part of the order and the customer service was excellent. It's winter and cool in the house, sheets are cold when you first get into bed, just a surprise the first time. Might be a good selling point for those who sleep hot. LOVE these sheets!

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