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Stand out. Sleep in.

At Sheets & Giggles™, we just want to make you happy.

At night, with the lights off, we all have our dark thoughts. Career regrets, family problems, existential dread... we all toss and turn, wondering if we'll ever do anything with our lives.

Stave off those thoughts and bottle up all negative feelings with absurdly soft, irresponsibly priced, sustainable bedding made from eucalyptus trees.

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what we offer you for absolutely nothing except money:

  • Unmatched Comfort

    Try something softer than cotton or linen.

    We make and sell sustainable bed sheets derived from eco-friendly eucalyptus trees. Our sheets breathe better than cotton in the summer, hold heat well in the winter, are less prone to fade even after repeated washing, and are sustainably grown and knit.

    Our sheets are also naturally moisture-wicking, which promotes an anti-microbial environment that will help keep your sheets fresh and clean.

    This is the good stuff.

  • Unbeatable Price

    Do you know how retailers survive in 2018? By charging brands like S&G 50% or more of the MSRP you pay in a store. That's it. They don't really add anything of value except for a roof and a parking lot. 

    Don't buy premium bedding at retail; buy it here and save a lot of $$$. Maybe you can put those savings into Bitcoin* and thank us in 10 years. Or hate us in 10 minutes. 

    *As a disclaimer, Bitcoin is a highly volatile cryptocurrency, and you shouldn't take investing advice from a bedding website.

  • Save the World

    Some crops are sustainable; cotton is not. Even though everyone knows climate change is a hoax invented by the Fake News Media, it's probably best to pollute less, just in case.

    When compared with cotton, our eucalyptus trees use far less (read: zero) pesticides and insecticides. Additionally, if you choose S&G instead of a traditional cotton set, you'll save 19 days' worth of the average person's water use.

    Do your part, and buy our bed sheets.

  • Opportunistic Altruism

    Every year, 10 million tons of textiles wind up in landfills – sheets included. Coincidentally, blankets are the #2 most-requested item at homeless shelters.

    In every order, we'll include a pre-addressed parcel for you to ship out old sheets you no longer need. We'll donate them to a partner homeless shelter via our #Give2Sheets program.

    It's a win-win: you get to help others in a real, tangible way, and you get to share your good deed on social media with a punny hashtag. 

  • Free, Possibly Illicit Stuff

    We hate pointless, wasteful plastic packaging. Our sheets come rolled up in a durable, attractively designed eucalyptus fabric knapsack that fits a yoga mat or a laptop. Take it with you when you occasionally leave your bedroom for the great outdoors (or more likely, for your job).

    And at the risk of being too cliche, we also include an extra surprise in each order that changes with the seasons. Think "things that improve bedrooms."

    (Not those things.)

  • Relaxed Returns

    Like we said a minute ago, we include a pre-addressed poly mailer with your order so you can donate your other, now-extraneous sheets via our #Give2Sheets program.

    Alternatively, if you're not loving your new sheets for any reason, you can also use this container to return your order. Shipping is on us – email for a prepaid shipping label.

About Us

At Sheets & Giggles, we're passionate about two things: puns, and sleeping. We're here to have fun, and we're happy you're here with us.

Anything we create of value – like products that surprise and delight, sustainably grown fabrics, and charitable donations of bedding to the homeless – is completely incidental to having a good time.

Sleeping in this and every morning in Denver, Colorado.

Jump Into Bed With Us