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The final word on the Sheets & Giggles mattress
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The final word on the Sheets & Giggles mattress

The final word on the Sheets & Giggles mattress

(Read part 1 of this series here and part 2 of the series here.)

Okay, so… might be guilty of a little clickbait in the title. 

This isn’t really the final word. You’re still gonna be hearing lots of stuff about the natural eucalyptus mattress until S&G somehow comes out with something better. How about sheets that make the bed for you? Or a mattress that magically guarantees you get 8 hours of sleep every night? We’re spitballing here.

But! This is my final word on the mattress, summing up my experience and giving my input about what types of people really need this mattress.  

(If you missed part 1 and part 2 of this thrilling trilogy, here’s the recap: I got the mattress, tried it, got excellent sleep, and never looked back to my sad old boxspring mattress. And that’s what you missed on Glee.)

Strap in! Or rather, tuck yourself into bed, and let’s get into it!

Man and woman sitting up in bed removing their eye masks


Final assessment of the S&G eucalyptus mattress

After a few weeks of sleeping on my new eucalyptus mattress, it’s safe to say my strong first impressions have held up. I’ve yet to have a bad night's sleep on this thing (knock on wood) and even find myself falling asleep faster than I did on my previous mattress. 

Here are some of my random ratings:

Noisiness - 9.7/10

I don’t know about you, but my ideal sleeping environment is totally silent. No TV in the background, no white noise, no loud snoring from the bedmate. A creaky, whiny mattress is a nightmare for me. Luckily, the S&G mattress is very quiet. There’s the occasional squeak or creak, probably from the steel coils, but it’s easy to ignore. 

Back support - 10000/10

I could write an essay on how much I appreciate the back support built into this mattress. Getting support to all the right pressure points isn’t easy, but the S&G mattress pulls it off. I don’t wake up with a sore back anymore which is nothing short of a miracle. Back support is this mattress's superpower. 

Sustainability - 9.9/10

So I know the sustainability of the mattress isn’t a tangible thing, but it is still worth reviewing. As an eco-conscious consumer, I can sleep better on a mattress that I know isn’t killing the planet. Only gets dinged 1/10th of a point for the minimal amount of plastic packaging. 

Side of the Sheets&Giggles mattress

Even though the mattress is purple in color, it’s green at heart.

Final sleepability rating - all the stars

Okay, so I changed the rating system up a bit at the end there, but really, I can’t put a number on how much I like this mattress. Apart from some very minor issues, this mattress delivers on all fronts. Best mattress I’ve ever slept on. It deserves all the stars, all the acclaim — heck, give this mattress an Academy Award. 

Who needs a Sheets & Giggles mattress?

I’m pretty sure that my overwhelmingly positive experience with the S&G mattress isn’t some weird outlier. I’d wager that there are lots of other people out there who could benefit from sleeping on this mattress, and here are my top three:

  • Side sleepers: This mattress may be great regardless of your sleeping position, but I can personally attest to how comfortable it is while sleeping on your side. My fellow side sleepers, you need this mattress. Trust me. 
  • People with back pain: We’ve already gone over how great I think this mattress is in terms of back support, but it’s worth reiterating — this is the mattress for people with back pain. Fire your chiropractor and get this mattress instead.
  • Overheaters: Unfortunately, you can add overheating to the list of issues interfering with my sleep. At least, it was before, but that is so much better now on the S&G mattress. Overheaters, put night sweats to bed for good by putting yourself to bed on this mattress. 

If you fit in one of these categories — or, honestly, even if you don’t — I cannot recommend the natural eucalyptus mattress from Sheets & Giggles enough. People are telling me to shut up about it already, so I’ll stop for now. But seriously, it’s worth it! 

Two women putting a bottom sheet on a mattress

For the first time, you'll actually want to make the bed — so you can start sleeping on this mattress ASAP!

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