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First Impressions of the Sheets & Giggles Mattress
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First Impressions of the Sheets & Giggles Mattress

First Impressions of the Sheets & Giggles Mattress

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Ah, you always remember your first…

Night with the Sheets & Giggles mattress, that is. 

For today’s blog, we wanted to bring you the raw, unfiltered thoughts of someone trying the S&G eucalyptus mattress for the first time: ME.

It’s always something special when a person meets the mattress they were meant to be with, and I'm pulling back the sheet on what that looks like. Warning: there may be tears of joy. 

If you haven’t had the pleasure of sleeping on this mattress yourself, you can live vicariously through my experience. Here goes:

In the box

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of watching a delivery truck drive up your driveway, knowing that you’re getting a package — it’s like microdosing Christmas morning. What’s even more exciting, though, is when the (very kind) delivery driver lugs a big box out of the truck that can only be your new mattress.

With no time to waste, I headed out to bring in the box and quickly discovered — it’s simply not a one-person job. No, not even if you’ve been keeping up with your new year’s resolution to become a gym bro. When S&G tells you to bring a friend to help you carry the package, that’s no joke. 

S&G mattress on bed frame next to cardboard box

Use the power of friendship to lift up that box!

Despite my eagerness to tear into the box and get a look inside, I had to wait for a mattress-lifting buddy (MLB) to arrive before I could it into the house. My MLB and I even got matching necklaces afterward to commemorate the experience. The necklaces seem to attract the attention of baseball fans for some reason though 🤷

Never have I been so glad I didn’t move into that 8th-floor apartment with no elevator. 

Out of the box

As much as I could admire the recyclable cardboard box the S&G mattress arrives in, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Time to get in there.

At this point, you should probably promote your mattress-lifting buddy to a mattress-unpackaging pal. You’ll have a much easier time getting the mattress out of the box and onto your bed frame with a second set of hands. (Note: Don’t do this mattress the disservice of just tossing it on the floor like dirty laundry — bed frames are not optional!)

Two women setting up a mattress

Make sure to allot plenty of time for chit-chatting about what a good job you're doing and how great the mattress looks!

Once out of the box and the plastic shrink wrap, the mattress goes from a compressed roll to a fully fluffed-up bed in almost no time. There was a slight smell at the beginning, but it went away quickly so no worries there. 

Looking at the mattress in all its glory for the first time, I must say it looks good. The purple leaves on the eucalyptus lyocell cover remind you of the eco-friendliness of the mattress, and the other purple accents tie it all together. The mattress looked so good that I hesitated to cover it up with a set of eucalyptus sheets, but those two just can't be kept apart.

Night One

It’s not just a pretty face, though. 

A quick hop onto the mattress confirms that it’s very comfy and has a perfect Goldilocks firmness level. Sleeping on the mattress for the first time did nothing to change my mind, either.  One night with the S&G mattress done and looking forward to many more. So far, so good. 

Want to have your own meet-cute with the all-natural S&G mattress? Order yours today

Woman laying in bed with grey sheets and dog

And with all that hard reviewing work done, it's time to put the mattress to use again.


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