Fitted Sheet Only – Extra Deep Pockets

Light Blue
Mint Green

Want to try our eucalyptus sheets, but don't use top sheets?

Maybe you're one of those folks who likes to sleep only with a duvet / duvet cover.

While we strongly disapprove of your lifestyle choice, we are a tolerant company, and we've got good news: now you can order just an S&G eucalyptus lyocell fitted sheet by itself!

(And don't forget to add pillowcases separately if you want those too!)

Images shown here have top sheets and pillowcases in them. We haven't yet taken pictures of just our fitted sheets, but we did want you to be able to compare colors. How's that for honesty in marketing?

Product info:

  • December holiday pricing: 10% off everything S&G!
  • Free shipping on most orders (2-8 business days delivery)
  • Fitted sheet only, in basic packaging
  • 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell made from eucalyptus trees grown on sustainably managed, biodiverse farms.
  • Size options: Queen and King
  • Color options: Bright White, Pearl (off-white), Charcoal Grey, Light Blue, Ocean Blue, Royal Purple, Midnight Navy, Mint Green
  • Extra deep pockets fit up to 20” thick mattresses comfortably and securely with thick elastic running all the way around. This makes them fit regular mattresses even more easily (no more stretching that last corner, which is just the worst thing ever).
  • Naturally softer than cotton, more breathable, self-cooling, and more moisture-wicking.
  • Zero pesticide or insecticide use, hypoallergenic, zero static.
  • OKEO-TEX® and FKT® certified, which means our sheets are "harmless without exception" and cause no bodily reactions.
  • Our sheets get even softer after each wash.
  • Free, riskless returns: no arbitrary time limit, and we'll even cover return shipping.

Unanswered questions? Check out our FAQs or give us a shout!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Fit for a King

These are the first sheets that actually fit our very thick king size bed! You would think that would be exciting enough, but WAIT! My heels get incredibly dry and prickly when the weather gets dry. Since getting these sheets, I NEVER stick to the fabric! I could never go back to regular sheets again.
(We don’t use the top sheet because I hold the body temperature of a small electric heater and I’d wake up so sweaty!)
And the pillow covers! Don’t even get me started.
Love them. Thanks for a great product that I can feel great about. ♥️

Sheet set

The sheets are incredibly soft and comfy!

Best sheets ever!

These are the softest sheets we’ve ever had. They’re soft as you take them out of the package and just get softer through use. Plus they are better for the planet than cotton sheets. Win-win!!

Soft, silky, and amazing!!

I have two sets of sheets, duvet cover, and throw. They are the best I’ve ever used! 😍 One request - body pillow pillowcases, then my bed would be a complete Sheets & Giggles!

Soft and cozy

The sheets are absolutely perfect.

the best

So Soft!! I recommend these sheets to all of my friends & family :)

I thought I was being punk'd

I did a bit of research before settling on trying out sheet from S&G. When I got them out of the box, I thought I'd been tricked - they felt like soft slinky microfiber. I threw them in the wash, then made up the bed. I was on the fence the first night, but by the second night I was in cool, cool, silky cloud heaven. I recommend the duvet cover and fitted sheet for anyone on a budget but looking for luxury.

Thanks so much, Holly! This is the best 4-star review we've ever received lol. We appreciate the note and are happy that you didn't get punk'd! 'Cool, silky cloud heaven' is going in a future ad for sure. Thanks again, and sleep easy tonight!
I ❤️ My New Sheets

Love my new sheets! They feel great!

Very soft but too loose

I read before I bought them that the pockets were extremely deep and some customers have trouble with the sheets no fitting their mattress but I thought I had a thick enough mattress and I’d be fine. Boy was I wrong. There is so much extra fabric over my mattress that the minimal tossing I do when I sleep pulls the sheet off at the corners some nights.
Other than that, the material is very soft and breathable. I wish there was an option to choose from either deep pocket or standard mattress.

Hi Mary! We're working on a new smaller fitted sheet just for 12' or under mattresses based on valuable feedback just like yours. We usually say if your mattress is 14' or thicker, you should be a-ok with our extra deep 20' corners, but some people are more sensitive to a 'taut' fitted sheet preference vs a 'sink-into' feel like we have. Also, tons of mattresses are 8 - 13' nowadays (Casper's are all under 13', for example), so we know we need to expand our sizing as we grow – for full transparency, we wanted to cover all bases in our first 12 months in business, so we thought extra deep pockets wouldn't preclude anyone from trying our sheets (vs too-small sheets which would be impossible for some folks to get on). Please feel free to reach out to, and we'll make a note to get you a new smaller-sized fitted sheet as soon as they're ready! Aside from this, we're so happy that you love your S&G sheets!
Perfect RX....

Best sheets, ever!!! I love everything about these, the fabric, the depth, the washability & the silkiness..I have serious sensory (touch/feel) sensitivity & these are the perfect RX for me.

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