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Should I Get a Firm Mattress or a Softer Mattress?

Should I Get a Firm Mattress or a Softer Mattress?

Should I Get a Firm Mattress or a Softer Mattress?

There’s probably no fairy tale that's as painfully accurate as the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. 

First, you try one mattress, and it’s too hard. Next, you try another mattress, and it’s too soft. Will you ever find a mattress that’s just right?

Trying to find the perfect mattress can often feel like an uphill battle, and deciding between a firm and soft mattress is a big part of that struggle. 

Well, the struggle ends here.

Use this guide to help you decide whether a firm or a softer mattress is ideal for you. The results may surprise you!

Woman holding purple sheet

PICTURED: You when you find out what kind of mattress is right for you

Firm Mattresses

Firm mattresses are known for being solid and supportive, like an old friend. They’re around when you need them and can handle some pressure. 

Typically, when you sleep on a firm mattress, you lay on top of it without sinking into the surface much at all. There’s less cushioning, but that also makes moving around freely in your sleep easier. 

Sleeping on a firm mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers because they provide more support to keep the body properly aligned. For people waking up with back pain, a firm mattress might help. 

Plus, firm mattresses don’t trap body heat as much as softer mattresses, so they’re less likely to cause overheating at night. If staying cool while you sleep is a problem, a firm mattress may be the way to go. 

(As for staying cool during the day, it’s as simple as telling everyone about your sustainable eucalyptus sheets…) 

Those with mobility problems may also benefit from using a firm mattress since they make getting in and out of bed easier. Only physically, though. There’s not much your mattress can do about the emotional difficulty of getting out of bed on a Monday morning, even with the ideal firmness.  

Woman looking exhausted on bed with a small dog

Tfw you know it's time to finally stop hitting snooze

Soft Mattresses

If you spend all day at work daydreaming about getting home and sinking right into your bed, you might need a softer mattress. 

Soft, aka plush, mattresses are seen as luxurious and comfortable. They’re cozy and warm and inviting.

For side sleepers, softer mattresses offer the advantage of gently cushioning the shoulders and hips to align the spine. You can experience some pressure relief in these areas while sleeping on a softer mattress that you wouldn’t get on a firm mattress. 

Soft mattresses also help isolate motion somewhat, so you aren’t as affected by your bed partner’s tossing and turning during the night. I mean, it’s bad enough they’re already hogging the comforter, right?

One of the drawbacks of buying a softer mattress, though, is that all mattresses get softer over time. Starting with an already soft mattress may cut into the amount of time before you need to dispose of your mattress and get a new one.  

Do you have to choose?

Sometimes, a magical thing happens, and you find a product that’s the best of both worlds.

Can you feel the magic in the air?

Sheets & Giggles’ new mattress is the one that you’ve been dreaming about. Not too hard or too soft, it’s a mattress even Goldilocks would love. 

Our mattress is a hybrid of two popular mattress components: latex and springs. This combination offers the best of both worlds in terms of supporting your joints and distributing your weight evenly. 

No matter what your mattress preference, firm or soft, Sheets & Giggles has an option that will complement you perfectly. If you listen really closely, the mattress might even compliment you, too. Okay, probably not, but wouldn’t that be neat?

Our new eucalyptus mattress is now available


close-up of the purple liner on the eucalyptus mattress


Isn't she lovely?

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