We're Bed Serious

Hi, we're Sheets & Giggles. We love sleep, sustainability puns. and Oxford commas, obviously. We make bedding for people who love those things just as much—if not more—than we do.

What we believe


Sheets & Giggle's lyocell fabric is made out of high-quality eucalyptus wood pulp, a sustainable and renewable natural resource. We don't harvest wood from ancient or endangered forests.


You don't need to sacrifice quality for sustainability—or vice versa. Our bedding is stupid soft and brazenly breathable but made with a deep, unconditional love for Planet Earth


Corporate responsibil...bla blah blah, we just think of it as not being greedy, polluting jerks. And since corporations are somehow people now we think it's only fair that companies act like good, decent, non-jerky people.

Donate Your Sheet

Every year, 10million tons of textiles wind up in landfills-sheets included. Via our #Give2Sheets donation program, if you donate your old sheets and email donate@sheetsgiggles.com with a pic for proof, we'll give you a 10% off code just fro being an awesome person.

As proud members of Pledge 1% Colorado, we give 1% of our profits, time, products, and equity to impactful nonprofits in our local community.

We plant 2 new trees for each one we harvest. Further, as part of our business operations, we've planted tens of thousands of new native trees in places in the US that need reforestation.

We routinely donate to pressing causes that the S&G community cares about, like the WWF, EarthJustice, Parkinson's Foundation, St. Jude's, and more –totaling over $100,000 given to date.