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Sheets & Giggles on ABC's Good Morning America! (GMA)

Sheets & Giggles on ABC's Good Morning America! (GMA)

Sheets & Giggles featured on ABC's Good Morning America (GMA)

Well, now we can officially say those four magic words: "As Seen On T–" wait actually we can't say those words, that's a registered trademark.

This morning, our intrepid CEO, Colin McIntosh, was interviewed on Good Morning America.

- Yes, the same long-running TV show hosted by national treasure, Robin Roberts!

- No, Colin wasn’t wearing a monogrammed S&G bathrobe on air (Disney is a family company).

- Yes, there’s a first time for everything.

Man interviewing on Good Morning America


Colin talked about our COVID-19 relief donations, our Amazon partnership, our "2020" Black Friday deal (20% off all bedding + 20% to the charity of your choice), our commitment to our community and the environment, navigating 2020 as a small business, and of course, Harvey – our Director of Barketing

Watch Colin Talk Sheet on GMA

Sheets & Giggles’ Black Friday Sale

As this interview aired on Black Friday, it made sense to talk about our Black Friday promo (which will run through Cyber Monday).

The sale in a nutshell is this: Take 20% off all eucalyptus sheets, eucalyptus comforters, eucalyptus duvet covers, and eucalyptus throw blankets (you know, all the stuff we sell), and we’ll give 20% of your total order value to your favorite charity (just select it at checkout). For you, us, and our charity partners, we figure it's a win-win...-win. 

Buy Good Sheet, Do Good Sheet

After you add your favorite eucalyptus bedding item to your cart and go to checkout, you’ll have the option to choose a charity through our software partner, Givz. It’s a simple and effective way to give back during the holidays, and stuff like this is baked into our company DNA. 

For example, last year, we ran a similar promotion: take 20% off all bedding, and we’ll donate 20% of all sales to the World Wildlife Fund®. In the end, we donated $17,000 to WWF to help Koalas affected by the fires in Australia. 

Sheets & Giggles on Amazon

Colin also discussed our Amazon presence. 

When people think of Amazon they think “massive online retail giant” – which is absolutely true – but Amazon is also made up of countless small businesses like ours that use it as a sales channel. Amazon gives us a huge platform to promote and advertise our wares, reach a worldwide audience, and attract millions of new customers and fans who wouldn't have found us otherwise.

We take a lot of pride in our Amazon store (which, by the way, can be conveniently found at – how 'bout that URL?!). For instance, when you write a review, we read it, we listen, and we often respond. In fact, our CEO Colin prides himself on reading every single S&G review that comes through. We basically treat Amazon like it’s our own personal website, except for the fact that we share it with other bedding brands, Alexa products, and air fryers. So many air fryers.

Supporting those most affected by COVID-19

Colin also discussed S&G's efforts to support people on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as those who are most vulnerable to the disease. 

For those of you who don’t regularly read our blog posts, first off, how dare you. Secondly, here’s a quick recap of how S&G helped those most affected by COVID-19

  • We donated 20% of our revenue for a full month, or $40,000, to the Colorado COVID–19 Emergency Relief Fund to help communities who are disproportionately impacted by the outbreak. 
  • When the Downtown Denver Partnership called in March looking for bed sheets, we answered. S&G donated hundreds of eucalyptus sheet sets, fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases to Denver-area homeless shelters, like Denver Rescue Mission. This was both to help with hospital overflow from COVID-19, and our linens were also used to outfit "respite motels" that isolated symptomatic individuals from the general population to help slow the spread.
  • With the help of other CEOs, Colin developed COVID Co-Op, a website in which brands donate a percentage of sales to COVID–19 emergency funds. If you have a brand of your own, sign up!
screenshot of man diving on bed

He broke that bed frame

Sheets & Giggles & the Environment

Colin talked a little about Sheets & Giggles’ corporate responsibility. As you’ll quickly learn upon visiting our site or our Amazon store, we care deeply about the sustainability of our bedding and our impact on the environment. 

For those of you who just discovered us via Good Morning America, here’s a cheat sheet (pun intended) detailing our obsessive love for the planet:

  • Our 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell sheets use 96% less water and 30% less energy than cotton sheets.
  • Eucalyptus trees are naturally insect-repellent, so, naturally, our fabric is free from harmful insecticides and pesticides. 
  • Our Lyocell process is a closed-loop process that reuses nearly 100% of all water and solvents.
  • There's no wastewater runoff from our fabric's production, and no endangered or ancient forests are touched in the harvesting of our trees.
  • Our bedding biodegrades 40% faster than cotton once placed in a landfill.
  • As for our bedding packaging, we only use 100% recyclable cardboard and absolutely zero plastic (note: our Eucalyptus Mattress Protector is currently shipped with recycled plastic, but we're working on an even more sustainable solution).
  • Chris, our head copywriter, voluntarily* went bald to save on shampoo and water. Voluntarily.

*It wasn’t voluntary.

Harvey is a good boy

Finally, Colin talked about Harvey, our scrappy Director of Barketing. Just look at him! GMA let him jump into the shot:

man holding dog during interview on GMA

Under the Sheets of our Good Morning America (GMA) interview!

Behind the scenes! 

We’re extremely flattered by and grateful for GMA's coverage, and spoiler alert, they invite us back!. Whether you're a long-time S&G fan or are just finding out about the hottest name in bedding (figuratively – our eucalyptus sheets are actually quite cooling), we hope you enjoyed the interview! 

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  • Jen

    I loved reading this! You guys are great. You’re passionate about it, provide the best bedding, and your sense of humor and wit are what honestly keeps me coming back. Thank you for doing your part in making the world better. Fantastic job!

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