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Sheets & Giggles is Back on Good Morning America!

Sheets & Giggles is Back on Good Morning America!

We're featured on Good Morning America...again!

Sheets & Giggles on GMA

You know things are going well when the person you previously matched with–in this case, Good Morning America–invites you over for a second date.

Things have really come a long way since our Start-up nomination in 2019!

The first time we were on GMA, way back in November 2020, our CEO, Colin McIntosh, told them our story. He talked about what inspired him to start the company, S&G's mission, and our philanthropy work.

Actually, he mostly talked about Harvey, but who can blame him?

Harvey is draped in our eucalyptus throw blanket

S&G on GMA's Comfort & Relaxation segment

This time, S&G was one of six products chosen for GMA's Comfort and Relaxation segment.

Like the name implies, the segment identifies various products that help people improve their sleep, and–get this–we're the only bed sheets in that list. Not just the only eucalyptus sheets, the ONLY sheets. So, take that, rustic Shiplap sheets!

All kidding aside, we're truly honored to be featured on GMA twice in two months. We're pretty sure only Bradley Cooper has been on Good Morning America more than us, but we're catching up. We're catching up, Brad.

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