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7 Signs you need a new mattress
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7 Signs you need a new mattress

7 Signs you need a new mattress

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy everything just once and be able to keep it forever? Think of how much money you’d save in your lifetime if you didn’t have to keep replacing your socks over and over again after the washing machine gobbles them up!

Unfortunately, replacing items after they get worn out (or disappear under mysterious circumstances) is a part of life, and your mattress is no exception. 

To help you determine when you should take the leap and replace your mattress, here are seven signs that it’s time for a new mattress:

 Two parents and a baby sitting on a mattress

New mattresses: fun for the whole family (ages 0 to 99+)

You wake up with back pain

Back pain definitely isn’t something you want to wake up with in the morning. If you routinely wake up with back pain in the morning, it might be your mattress

Old, worn-out mattresses aren’t able to provide the right support for your body while you sleep. You can easily spend the night in a position that puts extra strain on your spine. While an old mattress probably isn’t the sole cause of your back aches and pains, it certainly isn’t helping. 

Your mattress is noisy

A squeaky bed may seem like a sign of a good time (wink), but it can also often mean that your mattress needs to be replaced. Mattresses with metal coils often start to make metal screeching or squeaking noises as they age and become less supportive. 

If you can’t turn over in bed without it sounding like a car crash, it’s probably time for a new mattress. 

You spend a long time falling asleep

Many of us aren’t among the lucky few who are able to fall asleep as soon as their heads touch their pillows. Even so, taking an especially long time to fall asleep can be a sign your mattress isn’t pulling its weight anymore. 

The average person falls asleep in 10 to 20 minutes. If you’re finding that it takes you longer and longer to fall asleep — and tricks to fall asleep quickly don’t work for you — consider replacing your mattress. 

You’re overheating in bed

There are times when you might not mind getting hot and sweaty in bed, but most of the time, it’s no fun at all. Night sweats and overheating at night can be signs that your mattress is breaking down.

The materials in your mattress compress over time, restricting airflow and making you more likely to overheat. A new mattress can help keep you as cool at night as you are during the day.  😎

Your mattress shows wear and tear

This one might be obvious, but if you can see wear and tear on your mattress, you’re probably past due for a new one. Visible damage to your mattress like rips, sagging, holes, lumps, or significant stains is a clear indication that a new mattress is the way to go. 

Close up on the side of a mattress

Not a tear or stain in sight on this one, just as the mattress overlords (or S&G, lol) intended

Your allergies are getting worse

When your allergies make you start sneezing so much you could give Sneezy the dwarf a run for his money, your first thought probably isn’t to blame your mattress. But could it be the cause? Yes. 

WARNING: Grossness ahead!

Over time, dust mites and their waste can build up in your mattress. If that wasn’t bad enough, these creepy crawlies can trigger serious allergies and asthma when you sleep on the mattress. Some mattresses like latex mattresses are more resistant to allergen build-up, but that’s not helpful if you have a different type of mattress. 

Consider replacing your mattress if your allergies are getting worse without a clear cause. And make sure to use a mattress protector on your new mattress to keep dust mites out!

Your mattress is past its lifespan

The final and simplest sign that you should replace your mattress is if it’s past its lifespan. Every mattress type lasts a different amount of time, and once that time passes, your mattress won’t maintain the quality you deserve. 

Latex hybrid mattresses last 8-10 years on average, for example. When its time comes, lay your old mattress down to rest (ironic, no?) in a way that doesn’t destroy the planet, and get yourself a fantastic new mattress.

Might we recommend our Eucalyptus Mattress? :) 

Dog sitting on the corner of a bed with a person in the background

Our #1 mattress tester, Sparky, only has good things to say about it! (Note: translated from barks and ruffs)

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