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Can a latex mattress cause allergies?
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Can a latex mattress cause allergies?

Can a latex mattress cause allergies?

Anyone with allergies can tell you they’re straight-up no fun. You always have to be on the lookout for the things you’re allergic to, trying to make sure they don’t sneak attack you when you least expect it. 

It’s kinda like being a spy on the run from trained assassins, except in this case the assassins are things like nuts or Chihuahuas. Considerably less thrilling. (You can still wear a fun spy outfit, though!)

If you have a latex allergy, avoiding an allergy attack can be more complicated. A seemingly innocuous balloon or glove could provoke a reaction even if you don’t touch it. You have to be wary of any household items that could contain latex, including your mattress. But, can a latex mattress cause allergies? 

We’ve got the info you need to sleep soundly (and safely). 

Man sleeping on his stomach on mattress

Rest your face right on your mattress without fear!

What is a latex allergy?

Latex allergies function like any other allergies. When someone’s allergic to latex, their immune system views it as harmful and attacks the latex. It’s one of those situations where you have to give your immune system an ‘A’ for effort, but an ‘F’ for actually protecting you from danger. 

There are two ways to trigger symptoms of a latex allergy: direct contact and inhalation. 

Touching a product with latex in it like latex gloves or condoms is the most common way to provoke latex allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, you can also have a bad reaction from inhaling latex. 

Now, you might be thinking, “I don’t go around snorting latex or anything, so I should be good, right?” We’re glad to hear it, but no. When latex particles become airborne, it’s easy to inhale latex without realizing it. Someone simply taking out a latex glove, for example, could release latex particles into the air and provoke an allergic reaction. 

dog pressing its paw into a mattress

Oh no! Do you think there are latex particles hiding in here?

So if simply touching or inhaling latex can cause symptoms in someone with a latex allergy, it stands to reason that these people just can’t use latex mattresses, right? 


Finally, we have some good news for latex allergy sufferers — latex mattresses shouldn’t affect your allergies or cause any problems. 

Why don’t latex mattresses cause allergies?

Latex mattresses — including Sheets & Giggles’ own Eucalyptus Mattress — are typically made with either Dunlop latex or Talalay latex. These are both forms of natural rubber latex, the type of latex that generally triggers latex allergy symptoms.

But didn’t we just say latex mattresses don’t trigger latex allergies? Yes, good catch! Here’s why latex allergy sufferers can sleep easy on latex mattresses:

It’s not the latex itself that provokes latex allergies. At least, not all of it. Research shows that what latex allergy sufferers actually have a reaction to is chemicals used in the latex manufacturing process.

The Talalay latex we use in our Eucalyptus Mattress doesn’t have these allergy-triggering chemicals. To be fair, it looks like no latex mattresses do. There are no reports of latex mattresses or pillows provoking allergic reactions from people with latex allergies. That doesn’t mean all latex mattresses are created equal, though. 

Sheets & Giggles’ Eucalyptus Mattress goes above and beyond just layers of soft, cushiony Talalay latex. It’s covered in a hypoallergenic eucalyptus lyocell cover and supported with recycled U.S. steel coils. It’s the ideal mattress — whether you have latex allergies or not. 

Order yours here!

Man jumping over mattress holding two slices of pizza

Three cheers for no allergy attacks! Get out there and celebrate with a new mattress and some pizza!

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