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Introducing S&G's limited edition 2020 commemorative sheets

Introducing S&G's limited edition 2020 commemorative sheets

2020 was an unforgettable year (unfortunately)

How does one commemorate the worst year ever? One doesn’t. 

One really shouldn’t. 



These exclusive, 100% eucalyptus sheets feature some of last year’s most infamous moments. Put them on your bed and relive 2020 every night in your dreams (or, more accurately, while you lie awake in a cold sweat... though our eucalyptus sheets would of couse wick it away). 


Order yours today! 

The “Stop the (Bed) Spread”

face mask themed sheet sets

Face masks were 2020’s biggest trend (aside from solitaire). You’ll want to wear these super soft 100% eucalyptus sheets all the way up to your nose (and maybe even above it–they are extremely breathable, after all).

(Fun fact: we actually donated thousands of square yards of our sheets' fabric for DesignedByUs to sew into ultra breathable masks.)


The “United Sheets of America”

divided states of america sheet sets

This red, white, and blue-calyptus sheet set was designed to bring both political parties together in one bed, with liberty and justice for all.

*Fly not included 

**Only available in Split King

***We feel the need to preemptively say that isn't a political statement, just a fun bit.


My Favorite Murder Hornets

murder hornets sheet sets

An ode to the murder hornets, who remind us that we humans have an ally in our ongoing effort to wipe out the honeybees with neonicotinoids, the insecticide used on much cotton. In all seriousness, it was nice of the murder hornets to introduce some levity (get it? because they fly) in an otherwise dark and foreboding year.


“Wiped Out”

toilet paper sheet sets

Amongst all the good deeds carried out in 2020, we shall never forget those selfless, entrepreneurial souls who bought 400 rolls of TP and sold it at a 300% markup. If they ever make a statue commemorating your heroism, we will be the first to toilet paper it.


“Tiger King... Queen, Full, Twin”

tiger king themed sheet sets

The early days of the lockdown were fueled by two things: finding more toilet paper and debating the age-old question, Did Carole Baskin whack her husband? Word is if you rest your head on these pillowcases she'll whisper the truth to you while you're sleeping.

April Fools!

Hopefully you didn't have to scroll this far down to realize we're only joking. After all, our brand name has two parts: sheets, and laughs. Wait that's not right...

Anyway, like everyone else, we'd very much like to forget 2020–in fact, we may start a petition to have the entire year removed from history like the 13th floor of a skyscraper.

On a more serious note despite the date, we worked hard in 2020 to donate our resources and make an impact in our communities, and we hope everyone reading this came out of the past 12 months happy, healthy, and whole. We hope you enjoyed this sheety recap of a long, sometimes absurd, and incredibly challenging year, and got a chuckle or two out of it (or even a giggle?).

Happy April Fools Day! Now go prank someone; it's good for the soul.


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