Happy Thanksgiving 2020 đŸ„§

Happy Thanksgiving 2020 đŸ„§


By Colin McIntosh, Founder & CEO & tryptophan fan

Three years ago, S&G was little more than an idea. A good idea, yes. Some might even say a great idea (I wouldn't – some would).

Two years ago, S&G had grown into a full-fledged company, shipping our first several thousand orders from our little Denver warehouse and working 18-hour days to get off the ground.

Fulfillment is so fun

Happy two-year S&G anniversary to Emily! Customer care and logistics, she can do it all.

By this time a year ago, I had somehow convinced a team of seriously talented people to join our growing Denver-based team. Our sales and brand growth fueled some pretty big donations over Black Friday weekend to help save koalas in the wake of the Australian wildfires, and we were on our way to becoming a household name (and what a name).

This year, my fourth Thanksgiving as CEO of Sheets & Giggles (I honestly cannot believe that I'm typing that), we're doing something similar, with 20% off and 20% donated – but you pick the charity (select it after checkout!). It continues our tradition of giving back, and I can't believe how lucky I am to have lived this dream, both personally and professionally.

I knew that by starting a good, fun company, we'd attract good, fun people. But I didn't realize that would mean literally tens of thousands of amazing folks would become a part of our weird little community in such a short period of time. I read every single review you leave, I personally reply to thousands of your comments on Facebook and Instagram, and tomorrow (Black Friday) I'll be personally manning the S&G phone line (888-67-SHEET). Your daily messages, comments, jokes, reviews, and DMs make my day every day.

As I reflect on the last 3+ years of my life, I am grateful that I get to work with amazing, hilarious people with big hearts and open minds. I genuinely believe that the people you work with impact your life and well-being more than your family (think about how much time you spend with them!). I'm so impressed by how my team has taken this year in stride and stuck together despite being forced to stay apart.

So now I shall embarrass them all by saying heartfelt things about working with each of them during this challenging year:

We work from bed now

Mike, our Director of Product and Ops, worked his ass off to get us enough inventory for the holidays and Q1. He continues to work his ass off daily with our manufacturing, supply chain, product development, and fulfillment operations (it's why he's lost so much weight this year and is down to 177 lbs – no ass left).

Sarah, our VP of Marketing, devised and executed a complex cross-channel marketing plan under a lot of pressure, a slightly buggy new website, and very little time to build momentum with limited inventory, and has led the largest team at the company with composure during the busiest time of the year.

Emily, our Director of Community, burned the candle at both ends to answer all customer service queries during our biggest sales event in well under a 24-hour response time – and in fact did it far faster, unexpectedly solo for a few days, and with a side of holiday inventory planning and logistics.

Melissa, our Customer Care Associate, selflessly came back from an unexpected bereavement leave in time for Purple Friday to make sure Emily wouldn't have to face that type of volume alone, even though she could have taken as much time off as she needed for her family's loss.

Carl, our Social Media Manager, queued up top-shelf graphics, memes, social announcements, videos, and an organic audience of over 11,000 awesome people who love to follow and engage with our brand on social. (And real people – we don't pay for followers.)

Chris, our Content Marketing Manager, via emails, blog posts, web pages, advertisements, and landing pages wrote some of the best copy – including an all-time hall of fame Purple Friday subject line – that I've ever seen from the company, including all the past copy I wrote that I love to praise myself for. "What's big, purple, and only comes once a year?" I still can't believe Sarah approved that, but it was amazing.

Jake, our Brand Manager, in under 3 months has overhauled our brand look and feel, email strategy, landing pages, packaging, graphics, icons... I am so so excited for what's next for our brand as he actually settles into the role – again, he's been here for LESS THAN 3 MONTHS.

As a side effect of working hard to chase aggressive goals, our small business also been able to donate FORTY THOUSAND dollars in cash to COVID relief to help our neighbors in need this year; we've planted and will continue to plant TENS OF THOUSANDS of trees (one per order) in areas in America that need reforestation in the wake of awful wildfires; we've indirectly helped to slow the spread of a deadly pandemic by donating hundreds of sheet sets to homeless shelters to isolate symptomatic individuals; and that's without mentioning the sustainability of our product or the other causes and organizations that we've contributed to this year as a function of succeeding at business. We make people laugh and hopefully give them some much-needed feel-good in a challenging year. We do all this by "simply" selling bed sheets on the internet, and I love that we've built a helpful, positive brand in this world.

Thank you so much to the S&G team for being mentally and emotionally supportive of one another during a long, challenging year both personally and professionally. One month into our fourth year, I have never been more confident that S&G is in a position to grow and excel as a brand for a long time to come. We will do so much good in this world together. It's important to me to work with good people I care about, and I am beyond privileged to work with you all.

Tree huggers hugging trees

tree huggers hugging trees

Try something cozier than cotton.

Try something cozier than cotton.




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