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Why Do Fitted Sheets Keep Coming Off the Bed (And How to Fix It)

Why Do Fitted Sheets Keep Coming Off the Bed (And How to Fix It)

Why Do Fitted Sheets Keep Coming Off the Bed (And How to Fix It)

Is there any feeling worse than nearly falling asleep when you feel the tell-tale pop of the corner of your fitted sheet pulling off your mattress? 

You’ll put that corner back where it belongs just for a different corner to decide it’s time to break free. The cycle repeats and repeats until you feel like you’re in a way less interesting Groundhog Day. At that point, you probably decide to give up on your bed entirely and just sleep on your dog’s bed instead. 

Two dogs in queen-sized bed with man laying on the end of the bed

After (too many) nights like this, surely the pups can share one time, right?

Just kidding, but the point stands– going to bed is supposed to be relaxing. Engaging in a never-ending battle with your fitted sheets to keep them on the bed certainly isn’t. 

Before you break out the superglue or duct tape, try this simple solution that those of us at S&G swear by. But first, let’s answer the question of why your fitted sheets keep coming off the bed in the first place. 

Why won’t my fitted sheets stay on the bed? 

If you’ve muttered this phrase to yourself (possibly along with a string of expletives) in the middle of the night, don’t worry. We’ve all been there. 

Step one to solving the problem and getting the beauty sleep you deserve is finding the cause of the uncooperative fitted sheets. There are a few different possibilities for why your fitted sheets keep coming off your mattress. The first and most likely reason is that you don’t have the right size sheets for your bed.

Folded purple fitted sheet

They all look the same size balled up in your linen closet, but one size does NOT fit all :(

Yup, this is one case where size really does matter. If your sheets are too big for your bed– e.g. full-sized sheets on a queen mattress– then the excess fabric can easily bunch up and pull loose from the corners of your bed.

On the flip side, sheets that are too small for your mattress have to stretch to fit around the corners, so they’re also more likely to come off the bed. Double-check your mattress size and sheet size to make sure that they match. 

Other possibilities include using a thick mattress protector that puts extra strain on your fitted sheet or using old sheets that are stretched out and damaged. 

How to fix it

If your sheets are indeed the wrong size for your bed, your best move is to get some sheets that actually fit. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t developed the technology yet to make mattresses grow or shrink to fit the sheets people put on them. Dang, without that or flying cars, living in the future isn’t nearly as cool as it should be!

Finding out your sheets don’t actually fit your bed may be annoying, but it’s the perfect opportunity to invest in a luxurious eucalyptus sheet set. Our sheets have extra deep pockets to accommodate mattresses up to 20" thick. For those who are still happy with their flat sheets, buying just a fitted sheet is an option. 

Sheets&Giggles eucalyptus sheet set

Now these are the kind of sheets you can trust to never betray you by coming off your mattress

If you do indeed have the right size sheets, one simple little gadget can prevent you from ever having to tussle with your fitted sheet again. And let’s be honest, you were probably losing that fight. The device is called a bed sheet fastener, but we like to call them bed suspenders. 

They’re little elastic straps with clips on each end that secure your fitted sheet under your mattress. Set up is simple. All you need to do is clip them onto each corner of the fitted sheet. 

You won’t even notice them once you’re sleeping, but you will notice the difference they make. Even the most active sleeper won’t dislodge their fitted sheets anymore with these fasteners. Your fitted sheet should even stay perfectly secure during other... ahem… activities on the bed.

So what do you think? Are you ready to dress up your bed like a grandpa in suspenders and keep your fitted sheets in place for once? 

If you try them out, let us know!

Queen bed made with purple sheet set

This could be your perfectly made, perfectly secure bed, complete with S&G sheets!

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