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What is the Best Bed Size for a Good Night’s Sleep?

What is the Best Bed Size for a Good Night’s Sleep?

What is the Best Bed Size for a Good Night’s Sleep?

Trying to get a good night’s sleep can sometimes feel like setting out to find the fountain of youth. Sure, it’s supposedly possible but after a while, you start to wonder whether it’s just a myth rather than something that could actually happen.

You try darkening the room, turning side to side, maybe even experimenting with some gadgets to help you sleep and still you can’t find the solution. 

Time to end the search. 

Getting a good night’s sleep could come down to one simple factor you’ve probably never considered before: the size of your bed. Yes, that’s right. There is an ideal bed size for getting good sleep. Ready to find out what it is?

First, let’s discuss how bed size affects sleep in the first place. 

Woman sleeping in bed wearing eye mask

Looks like someone chose the right size bed

How Bed Size Affects Sleep

This is one time we have to say that size really does matter.

Most people probably only think about bed size in terms of how many people will fit in the bed. One, two, four, or more, we’re not judging! Maybe you’re looking for a bed that will fit all four of your grandparents while you head to the local chocolate factory. 

Whatever it is, you should be thinking about more than just max occupancy when you decide on the size of your bed. It’s not about just getting a bed that’s big enough to fit you and your fellow sleep mate(s). You need a bed big enough to fit comfortably or your sleep may suffer

The Sleep Council found that the size of your bed can have a significant effect on the quality of your sleep. 

So what’s the best advice?

Simply put, go for as big a bed as you can afford and one that will fit in your space. If you opt for a bed that’s too small, it will hurt your ability to get good sleep. 

Woman and dog sitting on bed with purple sheets

Don't forget to leave room for Harvey!

What’s the Right Size Bed for You?

As we said, the general guideline is to choose as big a bed as you can. Of course, not everyone can manage to afford or find space for a King-sized bed so as a backup, try to follow these guidelines.

Ideally, your bed will be a minimum of five inches longer than your height. That gives you plenty of room to stretch out or move down the bed a little without your toes sticking off the end. (Because let’s be honest, everyone wonders whether there are monsters under the bed ready to snack on them, right? No? Just us?)

If you have two people, the bed should be wide enough that you can lay side by side with your hands under your head and your elbows not touching.

It’s an odd exercise to do in the mattress store but it’ll be worth any strange looks you get. Any less space than that and you may run into problems crashing into each other during the night as you toss and turn. 

Enough space in bed is important for everyone but it’s vital for those with neck or back problems. Having to squish into a bed that’s too small will only exacerbate those issues over time. Plus, it will prevent you from sleeping well in the meantime. 

Change Your Sleep

So, for anyone sick of needing to meditate in bed or go through any other elaborate routines to get a good night’s sleep, maybe you just need a bigger bed. 

Snuggling into some luxuriously smooth and soft eucalyptus sheets at night won’t hurt, either. 

Sheets and Giggles Box Sheet set

No bed (of any size) is complete without a perfect sheet set

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