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The Semi-Annual, Semi-Serious S&G Survey Results

The Semi-Annual, Semi-Serious S&G Survey Results

We recently sent one of our totally serious, not-at-all-pointless surveys to our email list and over 2,000 people actually responded. We were surprised, too. 

Unfortunately, not everyone on the planet had a chance to take this extremely important survey but everyone should get to read the results. 

So without further ado (we hate to overdo the ado), here’s a carefully curated selection of our favorite questions and responses. 

What’s your preferred sleeping position?

what's your preferred sleeping position?

S&G respondents strongly favor sleeping on their side, even more so than the general population where, according to WebMD, 4 in 10 people prefer the fetal position. Although, we’re pretty sure that 2020 has forced 10 out of 10 people into the fetal position at some point.

I spend the majority of my waking hours

how do you spend your days these days?

Ah, waiting to eat again, America’s favorite pastime. Brb, our pizza rolls are ready.

Do you buy all of your bedding from the same place?

do you buy all of your bedding from the same place?

Guess we have to expand our product line to include “everything.” Btw, these pizza rolls are delicious.

I would categorize my dreams as

How would you describe your dreams?

A whopping 64% of respondents consider their dreams “bizarre.” We’re in the same boat. We have this recurring dream where an orange monster gingerly descends a ramp and then repeatedly coughs on us. Very bizarre.


Lately, I have been sleeping

How have you been sleeping lately?

In retrospect, we should have elaborated on this question a little more because “Not so well” and “About the same as always” may indeed be the same answer. 


Reasons why people haven’t been sleeping well:

Why haven't you been sleeping well?

We also would have accepted “Because 2020 is a waking nightmare.” 

Sheets & Giggles is a brand…

Have you heard about Sheets & Giggles?

Wow, half of respondents–*checks survey results again*–LOVE US! We’d like to thank our amazing community for making this possible and our moms who almost certainly chose, “I’m just now hearing about S&G.” 


Have you told your friends or family about S&G?

Have you told your family and friends about Sheets & Giggles?

A healthy 76% of respondents tried S&G and then told their family about us. So that’s one thing we’ll all agree on this Thanksgiving. 


My partner is

Tell us about your partner

Forty percent of respondents sleep next to a human furnace. Good thing our eucalyptus sheets are naturally temperature regulating. Nice, found a way to plug our sheets.

My social media platform of choice is

Which social media platform do you use most?

Just to recap: Zuckerberg: 72, Dorsey: 5.  

And my engagement level is:

How engaged are you on social media?

So, 54% of people are engaging with 21% of the population. Hey, it’s high school all over again. 

Want to take our next survey (whenever that may be)? Click here and enter your email address at the bottom of the page. 

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