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Sheets & Giggles at Amazon Accelerate

Sheets & Giggles at Amazon Accelerate

It's a prime day to be Sheets & Giggles


Call our mothers, because we made it to the big time. 


Sheets & Giggles was mentioned in a highly-televised Amazon Accelerate chat with Worldwide Consumer CEO, Jeff Wilke. In this clip, Jeff laughs at our company name (because it's a pun).


And as if that weren’t enough, Jeff and Dharmesh Mehta go on to discuss our contributions to COVID-19 relief.


Watch the clip below.

This must be what it feels like to hear your song played on the radio for the first time. 

What is Amazon Accelerate?

Amazon Accelerate is a free, 3-day virtual event that helps Amazon sellers find new ways to grow and expand their businesses on

Fun fact: S&G is actually one of the top five sellers on Amazon Launchpad–a sort of launchpad, if you will, for startups and entrepreneurs who sell on Amazon. We came in just ahead of Buffy (the Eucalyptus sheet company, not the slayer), and just below three companies that don't sell Eucalyptus sheets.

How we’ve helped during the COVID crisis

You can read all about our efforts in this blog post here, but just to quickly summarize:

  • We donated sheet sets, fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases to Denver Rescue Mission, as well as other local homeless shelters to help with hospital overflow.
  • Back in April and May, we made weekly donations of 20% of our revenue–not profits, but gross revenue–to the Colorado COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Thanks to the S&G Community, we were able to raise $40,000.
  • In partnership with, we spearheaded the development of Covid Co-Op, a marketplace where brands can donate up to 20% of sales to COVID-19 emergency funds. 


We'll be sure to write another blog post if and when Tom from MySpace mentions us. Here's hoping. 🤞

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