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Celebrating Giving Tuesday 2022- Over $13,000 donated!
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Celebrating Giving Tuesday 2022- Over $13,000 donated!

Celebrating Giving Tuesday 2022- Over $13,000 donated!

‘Tis the season for drinking hot chocolate, building snowmen, and… giving!

To celebrate Giving Tuesday 2022, we thought we’d continue our time-honored tradition of giving back. Last year with the help of our incredible S&G community — that’s you! — we donated over $28,000 to your favorite charities. And we were back at it again this year. 

Between Black Friday and Giving Tuesday, we took up to 40% off some of your familiar favorites like our eucalyptus lyocell sheets and eucalyptus mattress. But why stop at discounts? 

Our Giving Tuesday promotion

The real star of our holiday sales was the option we gave customers to donate a percentage of their order value to one of their favorite charities. 

It went something like this:

Step 1: You purchase some S&G products (for yourself or a friend — nothing wrong with some gift-giving to yourself once in a while, too. Just remember to act surprised!) 

Step 2: You pick a charity you love from a list of hundreds of major charities. 

Step 3: S&G donates a portion of the value of your order to your chosen charity.

Step 4: (Optional) You do a little happy dance knowing you’re getting S&G products AND putting some good out into the world! 

Dog laying on purple bed wearing eye mask

It was so easy, even a dog could do it — blindfolded!

So we planned to run this promotion until Giving Tuesday, but when the end of the day on Tuesday rolled around, we still had a lot of giving spirit left over. The only thing left to do was to extend the promotion one more day and go out with a bang!

Go big or go home, right?

Donation totals 

Thanks to that late push, we donated $13,480.51 to more than 250 different charities — an average of $11 donated per order. 

It’s not a competition, but some charities stood out as clear favorites of the S&G community. Here are the charities that our customers chose most often:

#6- Mile High WorkShop (makers of our Eucalyptus Pillow!)

Total donated: $526.89

#5- Clean Air Task Force, Inc

Total donated: $704.97

#4- Parkinson's Foundation Inc.

Total donated: $996.10

#3- Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation, Inc.

Total donated: $1,261.55

#2- Earthjustice

Total donated: $1,349.50

And now it’s time to announce your favorite charity of all. Drumroll, please! The number one charity was… World Wildlife Fund!

#1- World Wildlife Fund

Total donated: $2,027.03

It’s clear from these totals that you all are as passionate about protecting the Earth as we are, as well as supporting many other worthy causes. 

Thank you!

We’re so grateful for the opportunity you give us to give back. We plan to keep giving as often and as much as we can with your help. 

Thank you and happy holidays!

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