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My Sister, the Mom

My Sister, the Mom

By Colin McIntosh, CEO and uncle

Good sisters become even better moms <3

I think I'll start blogging more often; I've got some time. This is because along with a stellar Product team, Ops team, Finance team, Legal team, and Customer Care team, our Marketing team is growing and taking on more and more of what used to be my favorite responsibilities.

It has been a willing transition, and I'm happy to delegate some of my long-time marketing duties to my crackerjack team (a sentence written of my own free will).

*stares forlornly at a facebook ad*

But it's Sunday, May 10, and as a generous and kind dictator/CEO, I've given them Mother's Day weekend off. "Shouldn't they have it off anyway?" Exactly, but they don't know that. So here I am, writing a blog they have no control over and that may get taken down in the morning... so if you're reading this, it could get removed at any second. Act fast. Screenshot this paragraph and email with a recent order number and shipping address, and we'll send you a small gift in the mail :)

So anyway, now that I've tricked you into reading the rest ("Could there be more Easter Eggs...?"), here is a blog post about my sister, the mom.

Good sisters become good moms <3

She's outnumbered! 

I've written blogs about my own mom and dad, but not about my sister Jenna, who also became a mom in 2016. And then she became one again in 2019... though can you technically become a mom twice? Or do you just level up as a mom?

I want to thank her for allowing me one of the purest joys of my life: to be an uncle and godfather to my niece and nephew. My nephew actually sleeps on S&G sheets and tells people that his Uncle Colin made him his sheets, which gets some weird looks.


 I mean how adorable are they?

I honestly don't know how Jenna does it. I can barely manage taking care of Harvey and our pun-based bedding business; meanwhile she's got two young children, zero open parks to take them to, and a small business of her own to run during a global crisis. Her daughter turns one later this month, and her son will be four in December... she's got her hands full.

I'm constantly in awe – and sometimes a little concerned – at everything that she does to keep her home and family humming despite everything going on in the world right now. She is her children's teacher, cook, playtime companion, caregiver, housekeeper, and so many other roles.

I'm beyond impressed by my sister's transition into motherhood, even though having watched her grow up, I can't say I'm surprised.

And as a leading authority on being the fun uncle – the funcle, if you will – I can't thank Jenna enough for bringing moments like this into my life:

Uncle and nephew in natural habitat

Sheets & Goggles™ coming soon.

You may wonder how this blog post advertises the company or helps with sales. It does not, unless you go around telling people about S&G and end it with, "So yeah anyway, this bedding company's CEO is, like, weirdly transparent." Which by all means, feel free to.

But other than that, I just wanted to write something to celebrate someone in my life that is a wonderful example for me and others. And by extension, I want to say thank you to all the moms who work hard to take on so many different responsibilities for their families, especially during such a challenging time.

We notice it, we appreciate it, we can't wrap our heads around it, and we love you for it.

2 comments on My Sister, the Mom

  • Kristina Lucia
    Kristina Lucia June 05, 2020

    This is a great blog post! What a beautiful tribute to your sister, Jenna, and your family. My favorite line “My uncle makes my sheets”. Your nephew sounds absolutely precious :).

  • Melissa
    MelissaMay 11, 2020

    This is so sweet and full of love!

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