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Moms Are Great

Moms Are Great

There, I said it. Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there!

Sunday, May 13, 2018 (Mother's Day edition)

By Colin McIntosh, CEO & Chief Mother's Boy

I wanted to write a quick note about my mom, Theresa, who has always been an inspiration to me. Aside from being a terrific mom to me and my sister, she's an entrepreneur, doctor, and now a grandmother at the ripe old age of [REDACTED].

colin as a kid with his mom; colin as an adult with his mom

Me and my mom 20 years ago, and just last month with her new grandson (my nephew!). Also holy hell, my childhood haircut.

I still vividly remember waking up early to cook (probably poorly made) breakfast to bring to my mom in bed, with her homemade cards and gifts. My older sister, Jenna, and I would stay up late cutting, pasting, and painting the perfect poster to bring her in the morning. Even as a kid, I think everyone has some level of understanding of how much their parents sacrifice for them, and Mother's Day always felt like the one day of the year that we could at least try to show her how much she really meant to us.

Having put aside her court reporting career to raise me and my sister, she was an amazing stay-at-home mom for the most formative years of my life. In the mid-90s, she went back to school to become an acupuncturist and opened her own practice in 1998. She's helped heal countless people in South Florida, and the business is celebrating its 20th year as a mainstay in the community.

In fact, my sister followed in her footsteps and joined the practice as an acupuncturist. Some days when you walk into the office, you can spot four generations of our family: my grandmother is the front desk associate, and my sister's son, Roman, pops in from time to time.

Everyone is impacted by their upbringing, and my mom's (and dad's!) entrepreneurial ambition has definitely deeply influenced me and my sister. She juggled raising two young kids, going back to school, and starting multiple successful business... she is such an inspiration to me, and always has been.

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  • Giselle
    GiselleJuly 27, 2018


  • Gloria
    Gloria May 13, 2018

    Colin you are an awesome son, a wonderful grandson and I am so proud of you, Memories of your mom is one you will hold in your heart forever, she is an awesome mom and a wonderful daughter. She raised you and your sister with love, memories of your mom is one you will hold in your heart forever, she is an incredible mom and a wonderful daughter. She is also a fabulous grandmother to Roman. We celebrate today Mother’s Day, but we celebrate mom every day!

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