1 Like = 1 Tree

1 Like = 1 Tree


Monday, April 30, 2018 (Earth Day Retro Edition)

By Colin McIntosh, Aspiring Arborist / S&G CEO

Considering this is the day before our Indiegogo preorder launch, this is probably fairly off topic, but that's the nature of unorganized corporate blogging ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Last week on Earth Day (4/22), we messaged a couple hundred of our Facebook followers asking them if they'd like S&G to plant a tree for them for the holiday. The response was pretty overwhelming, with 134 people choosing to donate a tree! (We'll assume the rest of you just didn't see our message and aren't, in fact, tree-hating monsters.)

Major thanks to everyone who donated – this was our first foray into the donation game, and after this initial success and enthusiasm, we're going to dramatically expand our efforts moving forward. (Would you like to know more?)

Here's the state-by-state breakdown of where our followers planted their trees:

  • 39 in California
  • 26 in Oregon
  • 36 in Colorado
  • 33 in Florida

(Those were the only 4 options this time around, but we'll expand to Canada and other countries before long!)

S&G is all about transparency, so here's our receipt from our donation partner, One Tree Planted 

Additionally, our team took part in the actual planting festivities in Boulder, CO. We joined a group of volunteers to help plant thousands of trees in Fourmile Canyon, which was victim to a brutal 2010 wildfire that claimed 6,000+ acres and at least 169 homes. The view of the mountainside was pretty sobering:

Inspired by your response to our ask, we also wanted to announce today that via our one-for-one partnership with One Tree Planted, S&G has pledged to plant a tree for every preorder we receive in the month of May.

Long-term beyond the preorder, we also pledge to plant a tree for every single order we receive – at least until I'm replaced as CEO by someone way more competent who doesn't want to pledge perpetual margin share. I'll probably have a huge debate with the Board about how donating trees is on brand and builds goodwill with our community. There will be a long monologue about corporate social responsibility and how it's fitting to plant a tree for each sale, considering we make our sheets from (sustainably grown) trees. When that argument fails, I'll point out how cute the seedlings look when they first take root:

Adorable, right?

But this is corporate America; I'll lose that fight. The company (public by then, of course) will post a 1% profit margin increase, and our stock will skyrocket, creating immense value for the shareholders. It will be beautiful.

Until then, though, we'll keep putting these little guys in the ground :-), all thanks to the S&G community and One Tree Planted.


We spent ~95% of our time planting, and ~5% of our time Instagramming the planting. Pretty good split. #EarthDay

Try something cozier than cotton.

Try something cozier than cotton.




  • I am completely in love with Sheets and Giggles. Next check, I am actually purchasing. Props to your plain language crafter, too.

    Drea on

  • Applause for Sunny California! That’s where we have our Tree Service and we’ll be sure to add to that number! Good for you guys for asking the community to partake and help out! As the old adage says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now”

    Placerville Tree Service on

  • Holy Sheet is right — And If a sheet can plant a tree…the very thought brings to mind Little Shop of Horrors. “Feed Me, Seymour!”

    Keep it up

    Frank Gibney on

  • The more I read about you guys & your company, the more I fall in love! <3

    Rachel Cruise on

  • Seems great! Holy Sheet! :D :D

    Petter Storen on

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