100% Eucalyptus Lyocell Throw Blanket (60" x 50")


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You may literally die* when you touch our unreasonably soft, cool-to-the-touch, sustainable Eucalyptus lyocell throw blanket.

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  • Colors: Slightly-Off White and Charcoal Grey
  • Approximate Dimensions: 60" L x 50" W (may vary slightly by blanket)
  • 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell sustainably made from trees harvested on biodiverse farms.
  • Gorgeous, eye-catching diagonal weave
  • Airy yet substantial, cool yet cozy ("But how can those things coexist?!" A good question that can only be answered by lounging with one yourself.)
  • Perfect to decorate the couch and for movie night – while it's lovely to bundle up with, this isn't a "keep you warm at 0 degrees" blanket.
  • Free shipping to most habitable places in the US (apologies to uninhabitable places like Fort Lauderdale**)
  • Spot clean as needed; dry clean recommended every few months.

*You probably won't actually die, but if you do, you release S&G of all liability resulting from your death by comfort.

**Our CEO is from Fort Lauderdale and we enjoy making fun of it, but we actually love Broward.

"Something this comfortable shouldn't exist." - S&G's Director of Product, Mike

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews

For a throw, it seems skimpy. Too thin and not very warm. Also, it had a little smell to it (like a chemical smell) when it arrived. After washing it and following the instructions the fabric seemed less soft than when it arrived. I love the marketing of this company. The product wasn't as good.

Perfect for the couch! Comfy and cozy!!!

Bought the gray one and once it arrived, immediately went back and bought the ivory one. Great for taking the chill off while laying on the couch watching a movie or for cuddling up on the recliner while enjoying a good book. Keeps you warm without making you sweat!

Perfect for summer!

I can’t wait to try this sumptuous throw next summer, while I’m sitting next to my air conditioner. I’m sure that it will be just perfect- enough to keep a chill off but not get too warm! For now it’s dressing up my couch .

not what I expected

I was looking for a cozy blanket. This.....would barely cover my pup. I love your guys stuff but felt this was a little bit mis-represented.

Hi Cynthia! Thank you for your review (and for the kind words about S&G overall!). We apologize for any confusion – we don't think we misrepresented the blanket, but we hope we were clear enough on our product page about its features. The dimensions (60' x 50') are called out in the title and in the product description, and we have a specific line that mentions, 'Perfect to decorate the couch and for movie night – this isn't a 'keep you warm at 0 degrees' blanket.' If you have further feedback on how we can better clarify that this is a beautiful, soft, decorative throw but not one to replace a fluffy synthetic fleece, please let us know! Though we do hear from a lot of other reviewers that it keeps them quite warm and that it's what they expected, we do take notes like yours to heart and want to continuously improve our product descriptions. And of course, as always, everyone has different tastes, and if you're not happy with any S&G product, please just email hi@sheetsgiggles.com for a full refund :) thanks again!
I love it so much, but my dog stole it.

I was so excited for the blanket, thin but yet awesomely soft. I slept in it once and my dog stole it, so it's pretty much hers now. I hate conflict so I'll just have to get a second one...

So far it’s good.

I got the gray throw and it’s so cool to the touch. So far it’s great but I only got to use it for a couple of days so far because it got really cold outside.


I LOVE these sheets so much!!!! And I bought a blanket which my 5 year old took because "it's so soft"!!! Definitely will be buying more!!

Good product, a little small

The throw is just that, a throw, but for a nice blanket to wear while you're relaxing, it's excellent. Could be a little larger, but not so small it deserves 4 stars.

Very comfortable throw!

This is a great light weight throw, very soft and pleasant to use. It could be a bit (25%?) larger.

Super soft and silky

I love my new blanket! I thought it would be a little thicker but I love using it as a shawl on cooler days😌

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