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Your Face is Beautiful, Now Cover It Up

Your Face is Beautiful, Now Cover It Up

Protecting Yourself and Others

As COVID-19 continues to take its toll and as we learn more and more about this insidious virus, we must be nimble and strategic in our fight against it.

The CDC is now recommending everyone wear a mask when they're out in public because 1) despite the stay-at-home orders and business closures, the rate of infections in the US is not slowing down, and 2) people without symptoms are unwittingly spreading the virus to others. Here are the CDC guidelines and tutorials for making and wearing a DIY mask.

Why Masks?

Because they’re a simple and effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Fabric masks cover a sneeze or cough better than an elbow (though a mask and an elbow is ideal). And research shows that people observe proper social distance–6 feet–when everyone is wearing a mask.


What Can You Do?

So, to that end, S&G is coordinating with the Colorado Mask Project to encourage everyone (not just Coloradans) to wear a homemade face mask when they go out.


Make Your Own Mask

Follow this link to learn how to make your own mask at home. It's easy, it's inexpensive, and it's CDC-approved.


Spread the Word

Take a selfie or a video of you wearing a non-medical mask and share it with your people – if you're an S&G customer, we've likely aleady provided you with a handy purple eye mask that works well for the social media task! Tell them why you’re doing it and why they should too. You could even share a video or article on how to make a mask


But, Don’t We All Wear Masks When You Really Think About it?

Yes. Yes, we do. Metaphorical masks. But let’s also wear literal masks for the time being so we can stop the spread and flatten the curve. 


(*Important Note: S&G eye masks are not literal face masks and don't provide full facial coverage. They're not made to prevent infectious diseases, and CDC guidelines should be followed in making your own mask. Our eye masks should only be used for sleeping soundly despite ambient light, and making a point on social media about how we should all normalize wearing masks outside to stay as safe as possible 😷✌️)


Take Care Out There,

The S&G Team

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