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Why Can't We Sleep Together?
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Why Can't We Sleep Together?

Why Can't We Sleep Together?

If we had to rank them — out of all the reasons people might argue with their partners — the top three sources of arguments in relationships definitely are: 

#3- Infidelity

#2- Finances

And the big one…

#1- Stealing the covers in bed

It’s despicable. Even the most forgiving partner will struggle to look past habitual blanket thievery by their bedmate. 

But really, that’s just one reason why two people might struggle to sleep in the same bed comfortably. 

Maybe you prefer different temperatures to sleep. Maybe you go to bed at different times. Maybe one of you snores. Whatever it is, having different sleep needs can make it hard to share a bed and put a real damper on your relationship with your partner. One 2017 study even found that when couples get less sleep, they interact in a more hostile way. 

Person hitting man with a purple pillow

Cue the not-so-friendly pillow fights!

Your bed should be a place of comfort and fun ;) but not conflict. Curb your co-sleeping problems by trying one of these solutions:

Solutions to try

Use temperature-regulating bedding

People have strong opinions on how warm or cold a bed should be to get good sleep. There’s no right or wrong answer, but that won’t do much to convince your partner to go along with your ideal temperature. 

You know what will help? Some temperature-regulating bedding. Mattresses like S&G’s eucalyptus mattress are made of breathable, cooling materials that help regulate your temperature. No more dealing with night sweats just because your partner likes to keep the heat way too high for your liking. Paired with breathable eucalyptus sheets, your temp-regulating mattress will go a long way toward eliminating temperature-related arguments at bedtime. 

Man and woman laying on top of bed together

Look how happy and cool this couple look together on the S&G mattress! Could be you...

Address snoring head-, or rather, nose-on

Being kept awake by your partner’s snoring is a tale as old as time. There are probably cave drawings of two stick figures in bed, one of them fast asleep with its mouth wide open and the other glaring at the first for snoring so loud. Don’t worry, though — a relationship can survive snoring. 

If snoring is the reason you and your partner can’t happily sleep in the same bed, try to address it head-on. Depending on the root cause of the snoring, some options for getting it under control include:

  • Side-sleeping
  • Using a firmer pillow
  • Avoiding alcohol before bed
  • Trying an anti-snoring device
  • Using a humidifier to keep the air moist
  • Secretly poking them so they wake up and stop snoring (jk)

Block out the problem

The next best option other than addressing the root cause of your shared sleep issues? Just blocking them out so they don’t bother you anymore. A problem-solving method used by all great thinkers!

Say your problem is that your partner comes to bed much later than you and wakes you up with noise and bright lights while they’re getting ready for bed. Wearing a sleep mask and earplugs to bed is an easy fix that will help you block out those potential sleep disruptions. Add a white noise machine to top off the “No way you’re interrupting my sleep — not this time!” trifecta. 

Woman holding video game controller in bed next to man wearing eye mask

Sleep masks: perfect for when your partner just wants to (or "must") play Mario Kart in bed all night. 

Sleep in separate beds

If none of that works, you could always sleep in separate beds. There’s no shame in it — you do what you gotta do to catch some Zs. Just make sure to stock up on S&G eucalyptus sheets. Otherwise, you’re definitely going to argue over who gets to sleep on the comfiest, softest sheets of all. Pick up a backup set today!

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