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"The Day After Earth Day"

"The Day After Earth Day"

By Colin McIntosh, S&G CEO and amateur tree-planter


Ah, yes, April 23. The Day After Earth Day™.

We're sorry we didn't send you an email about #EarthDay2020, but we figure you got plenty of those in your inbox 🙃

On day 1 of S&G just over 2 years ago, I promised that we would never email people unless it's important or worth their while.... So it felt kind of weird to spam tens of thousands of email inboxes just to brag about our environmental impact (which, to be clear, we're super proud of). Plus, we figure after the 11th "We're In This Together" email with climate change hashtags from brands you love, you start to tune them out.

In lieu of said email, I wanted to write a totally-not-braggy blog post for the tens of people who read our blog each month (kidding – there are dozens of you).

Here's what we've done in the 12 months since April 23, 2019: 

Totally not bragging

Who doesn't love a good infographic?

And there you have it! See? Pretty nifty, but still probably not worth an email.

We can't thank you all enough – tens of thousands of people now sleep on S&G sheets. For each order we get, our lyocell sheets save about 5 years' worth of the average person's drinking water vs cotton sheets, and we also plant a new tree somewhere that needs reforestation (mostly in the US, as you can see by the chart above).

Each month, we seem to reach more and more people who want to try pun-based sustainable bedding. Add hard work and time (and a maniacal CEO), and we get to save ever-more water, energy, and pesticides vs cotton consumption, and plant a ton of adorable baby trees.

I'm beyond happy that we've built giving back into our business model. The more successful we are as a company, the more good we get to do as a function of growing our business.

Normally, the S&G team and I would be outside planting trees on the weekend before Earth Day, but, you know... there's some stuff going on in the world and we need to stay inside (digs are rescheduled for September!). Happily, we can still make an impact remotely.

Where I'd rather be

Where I'd rather be

So thank you all again for your support as we've grown from a crowdfunded idea in May 2018 to one of the fastest-growing bedding companies in the US. We hope we make you proud to be part of the S&G community (even if we don't email you that often).

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