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The Best of Times, the Sheetiest of Times

The Best of Times, the Sheetiest of Times

Making your life sheetier, one box at a time.

(Read on for care instructions, shipping updates, and general life knowledge.)

By Colin McIntosh, Founder & CEO of S&G

Exciting news! As of October 1, we're excited to report that we've begun mass shipping!


woman pulling a pallet of sheets in a factory

Sheet yeah! More going out every day.

It's Friday night, and many of you are lying down right now on your new S&G 100% eucalyptus lyocell sheets, wondering why you're reading a blog post from a bed sheets company. Fair question.

For this post, we wanted to read your mind and poorly guess at the most pressing concerns of our community as you receive your orders. 

"Wait, didn't their last update say that they'd ship everything out by end of September?"

Yes, your inner monologue is correct, and we're very sorry about the minor delay here. We've been working nonstop on reaching this point, and we're thrilled that we've finally begun shipping en masse.

In September, we had a small international logistics / Customs snafu as a first-time importer that set us back about 2 weeks from our last estimated schedule (super fun stuff). Unfortunately, it was one of those "should be resolved literally tomorrow" issues, which made it difficult to send updates without spamming everyone's inbox (which we try not to do).

image of a logistics warehouse

I'm definitely not micromanaging the warehouse by being there every day. Nobody says that.

Now that everything is resolved and bulk shipping has begun, our small team is working hard to get everything out the door as fast as possible. Hundreds of our May Indiegogo backers have already opened their boxes this week, and those who haven't yet will receive an email with tracking information when your order ships out.

If you preordered in June through September, your order should also ship by Oct. 31.

"I think I was a week-one backer on the Indiegogo... should my order have gone out already?"

We're shipping by order number (fairest process), so you should receive yours sooner than later, yes! If this applies to you and you don't get a shipping notification in the next week or so, please email us at and we'll figure out what's up.

"I'm in my late-20s and just realized I have no idea how to take care of nice sheets."

  • Wash separately (i.e., on their own) – eucalyptus holds color longer and more deeply than cotton, but washing your sheets with other items will stain light colors. Not might. Will.

  • Wash and dry at least once before sleeping on them the first night – they come out of the bag silky smooth, but they get buttery soft after a wash. Plus, cleanliness and stuff.

  • Wash cold / delicates cycle

  • Machine dry on gentle / delicates cycle for first wash

    • They're gonna come out so damn fluffy.
    • After the first wash, hang dry is recommended for the best care of your sheets, but we know nobody does that. If you do hang dry to extend the lifetime of your sheets, make sure you pop them in the dryer on low heat for 10-20 min at the end to fluff them back up.

  • Don't bleach or iron


"I didn't get all my sheet."

      If you ordered more items than the ones you receive in your first box, rest assured it's just because we're still finalizing our logistics system, and your other items will ship out separately soon. (Comforters still shipping separately in November.)

      "How do I donate old sheets?"

      Email and we'll give you instructions on how to use that bag we include in each order to donate your old sheets for 15% off a future order. (Redeemable at any time down the road, just for being an awesome person.)

      "Wtf these are amazing."

      Right?! If you love them and are happy with S&G and how we've launched the biz, please leave us a review so others know what's up and stop buying overpriced, unsustainable cotton. (Just follow that hyperlink and scroll down to "leave a review.")

      "I'm so tired from the week. I wish I had a new job."

      We hear you. Here's another blog post for that that went viral and has helped literally hundreds of thousands of people in their job hunt (not even kidding, go check it out if this is you).

      "I still never saw the results of that fun survey... 🤔"

      Ah, yes. Probably a little neurotic of us, but we didn't want to share more "fun stuff" until we figured out the "big stuff" of shipping your orders, so we've just been heads down on that. Now that units are out the door, get ready for some solid content (and follow us on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter if you haven't yet!). 

      Thank you all so much for your preorders – you literally helped bring S&G to life, and we're eternally grateful for your support of our launch.

      If you love your new sheets, please let us know by leaving a review on our site, emailing us your unboxing videos and reactions at, and tagging @SheetsGiggles with pictures of you in bed (this will make us so happy). Oh, and don't forget to tell all your friends about the new pun-based, sustainable, insanely nice bedding you're using. They'll appear to be uninterested, but trust us, they're hanging on every word.


      a man billowing a purple sheet over a woman in bed while a dog lies on the floor

      A look into your immediate future.

      7 comments on The Best of Times, the Sheetiest of Times

      • Miguel Gil
        Miguel GilOctober 06, 2018

        Ditto what Susan said, love you guys but all these posts and no sheets, is givin me ‘the sheets’!

      • Susan Ross
        Susan RossOctober 05, 2018

        Okay. You seem like good guys. But dudes, I really, really, REALLY just want my sheets! 🙏🙏

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