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Sheets & Giggles Sponsors the Roast of Dan Le Batard

Sheets & Giggles Sponsors the Roast of Dan Le Batard

Dan Le Batard is host of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, the #1 sports podcast in America, and also ear poison.

Over the years, Sheets & Giggles has had a lot of fun interacting with the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and its army of listeners. We even made Stugotz a resume at one point, to much fanfare (we’re sure it came in handy after ESPN gave them the boot).

December 2021 edit: we now even have a dedicated page for the show and its listeners at, and you can use code DAN for 20% off your first order with S&G!

The show’s sense of humor is similar to S&G’s, for a specific reason: our Founder (Colin) is a longtime daily listener to the show, and it’s been an influence on our brand voice and how we treat our industry as a circus rather than a cathedral.

This past Saturday, Sheets & Giggles was the title sponsor of Dan’s celebrity roast at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Fort Lauderdale, hosted by the Miami Heat’s Jason Jackson. (Thanks again, Jax!)

As a South Florida native, it was a big thrill for Colin, and he even got to get on stage for 5 minutes… that turned into 10 (or 12). And this week, the show has been roasting us right back.

If you’re a fellow Le Batard Show listener looking for the sheets guy, or a Greg Cote Show with Greg Cote listener (all 7 of you), here are some of our favorite pics from the event, alongside Colin’s rundown of the night.

Roy Bellamy, Madison Hopkins, Ron Magill, Greg Cote, and The Sheets Guy

Colin’s roast notes –

From Reddit -

  • Twitter video of my opening bit. I lost track of time and went on like this for 10 more minutes 🤦‍♂️
  •  Ron Magill is the nicest man ever. He also dubbed me “the sheets guy.” I’m proud that Sheets & Giggles’ donation directly grew his endowment.
  • Roy is super nice, and his wife Enide is a lovely person. I appreciated them chatting with me and my girlfriend for a while backstage. I was definitely fanboying hard when I met them and the rest of the show.
  • Greg Cote has a great handshake, and apparently his wife Earleen went to law school with my father at Nova Southeastern. Enjoyed meeting Greg a lot.
  • I don’t think Chris Cote liked me, but on the show this week he said I was delightful, so I was wrong! Also we may be brothers.
  • Stugotz was indeed not there, which Dan thought was funny. Nor was Mike, Chris W, Jess, or Billy.
  • Shane Battier, Eric Reid, and John Crotty sat at my table, which was fun for a Miami Heat fan. They were all awesome, and my family / friends / S&G team had fun hanging with them.

DAER nightclub at the Hard Rock - Shane Battier, Eric Reid, and John Crotty in photo

  • Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys, The U), is hilarious and torched everyone, and is clearly such a good writer and entertainer. He was also awesome and kind, and I enjoyed chatting with him a lot.
  • Gene Harding (other roaster / comedian) is also hilarious and a super cool dude. We’ll get together again for sure. He already made S&G a commercial!
  • Jax is the man. I can’t say enough how smooth, entertaining, and accommodating Jason Jackson is. His family (met his wife and son) are also wonderful accomplished people. Hope to see him when the Heat visit Denver!
  • Dan is a lot quieter than I expected in person, but he was very gracious and a big sport. He and I chatted for a while about the uniqueness of a show that can have someone like me listen regularly all the way from a teenager to someone in his 30s, and how it’s affected my sensibilities. Dan if you read this, thanks again for a great night, and honestly you’ve lost a ton of weight in the last year and look great, way to go man. Also, I couldn’t believe they played you off!

Dan Le Batard and The Sheets Guy / Comedy Kamikaze Colin McIntosh

  • Got to watch the Fury/Wilder fight alongside Dan and the show at the after party.
  • Bought awesome artwork of the show at the live auction, proceeds going to the Jax Fam Foundation. Can’t wait to hang it up.


Jax Roast, sponsored by Sheets & Giggles

Thanks again to Dan, Jax, the Jax Foundation, the roasters, and the rest of the show for a fun night and a great sponsorship.

- Colin, CEO at Sheets & Giggles... Shiggles

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