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Re-Introducing The World's Best Eucalyptus Comforter

Re-Introducing The World's Best Eucalyptus Comforter

It’s okay to stare.

We just released a brand new comforter. It’s exactly like our old comforter except it’s totally different. Wait, what?

Here’s the full story.

The Indiegogo Version

In May 2018, we offered a handful (400) of comforters on our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and they were glorious.

Our new comforter’s ancestor. See the resemblance?

Even though it was damn near perfect, we got some great feedback from our community on how to improve them, and we listened almost the entire time (look, a lot of people chimed in during our Planet Earth II binge). 

Better Quality Shell

In terms of how "premium" they feel, both the old comforter and the new comforter are very similar. Both shells are made from 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell, so it'll still be as soft as a bunny wearing a marshmallow onesie. The biggest difference is the quality of our new comforter is vastly superior as we've improved the fabric selection and sewing and learned A WHOLE LOT.  For example, did you know, baby meerkats are so leery of birds that even airplanes will scare them into their burrows? (Planet Earth II is SO good, you guys.) 

More Sustainable Filling

As for the filling, the original comforter was 100% polyester (as we didn't have the best sourcing capabilities and network early on). We got some great constructive feedback that we needed to do better on sustainability (new polyester isn't sustainable at all). 

So, we shut down production and went back to the drawing board. We experimented with different fills and techniques and decided to move forward with a thermally-bonded filling composed of 50% Eucalyptus Lyocell fiber and 50% recycled polyester made from repurposed, discarded plastic bottles. It's more expensive for us, but it's 100% sustainable on top of being more breathable and lighter than the old 100% polyester fill.

Thermally-Bonded? That Sounds Sciencey

Previously on this S&G blog post, we described the new comforter as thermally-bonded. So, what does that mean? It means this new fill will hold less heat, be more suitable for all seasons, and is lighter and airier than our original comforter (in a good way). While the shell of our comforter is cool to the touch, the thermally-bonded 50-50 filling helps make it perfect for both the furnaces and popsicles who walk among us (i.e., for both hot and cold sleepers).

Machine Wash Safe/Dry Clean Recommended

Functionally, it's also going to be machine washable, as we've thermally-bonded (there’s that word again) the filling to avoid clumps – which is the main issue with machine washing comforters (though you shouldn't wash it more than once every 2-3 months). None of our competitors offer this, so we're thrilled we were able to make this happen.

It’s Hip to Be Square

The design is also slightly different, with gorgeous square quilting vs the original horizontal line design.

Our original comforter is still one of our favorite things we've ever built, but after months of designing, testing, and building, we can confidently say this new one is our most comfortest comforter ever.

Try something cozier than cotton.

Try something cozier than cotton.


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