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Best Sheets for Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Excessive Sweating, Skin Conditions, & Other Ailments

Best Sheets for Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Excessive Sweating, Skin Conditions, & Other Ailments

S&G: Good for What Ails You

Our eucalyptus bedding empire started from humble origins – selling sheets out of the back of a wood-paneled station wagon. We’re still pretty humble but now we have bubbly water in the wagon.

Our first office got 12 MPG

But what truly humbles us is the S&G Community. Every day, we read reviews from customers telling us how our sheets helped them cope with everything from insomnia to fabric sensitivity to ALS.

Maybe it’s because our eucalyptus lyocell sheets are highly breathable. Maybe it’s because they’re hypoallergenic. Or maybe it’s because they’re made with magic (big props to our production managers, Linda Merlin and Chad Dumbledore).

How S&G Sleepers Get Through the Night, in Their Own Words

So for this blog post, we wanted to share reviews from customers who sleep more comfortably now thanks to S&G. Their first-hand experiences are far more powerful than anything we could describe on our own.

Not going to lie, some of these testimonials brought a tear to our eye. It’s a good thing our sheets are also moisture-wicking.

Best Sheets for Hyperhidrosis (or Excessive Sweating)

I have hyperhidrosis so I sweat an inconceivable amount. I always thought it was just how it had to be, but after getting these sheets I literally wake up dry and it shocks me every time.
- Amazon Customer

But even more so than the softness, is that I tend to sweat under my favorite bamboo sheets. After 2 weeks I have yet to wake up drenched with Sheets & Giggles sheets! I call that a win in itself!
- Lindsey B

These sheets are nice for those who sleep hot. My husband and I both struggle with this and love how cool and breathable these are. Being in chronic pain with sleep disorder means really needing to be comfortable and love bedding.
- Emily 

Best Sheets for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Hi, I am Aaron, I am 28 and I am a sweating pro! I also have ALS which causes me to not be able to pull the covers off of myself when I am hot! Your sheets have made my life so much more comfortable and always cool when I sleep! I only wish I could afford more of them! Thanks for making my nights super cool!
- Aaron

Best Sheets for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

I live with heat sensitivity from MS. These new sheets feel great because they feel cooling. Very glad I found them!
- Marla

Best Sheets for Insomnia

I've struggled with partial insomnia for years! Spent tons of money on chiros and essential oils, mattresses, you name it! Ever since I got my new sheets I have been sleeping for nearly 7 hours a night.
- Melissa
I can’t believe how much better I sleep on these sheets! For someone who suffers from insomnia, they are EVERYTHING!
- Kathi
I am a terrible insomniac and would wake up every night at 3 am with night sweats. NO MORE! These sheets are amazing. It is definitely more than I have ever spent on sheets but it is absolutely worth it.
- Liz

Best Sheets for Fibromyalgia

My wife suffers from fibromyalgia, which is a condition which causes her widespread chronic pain, tenderness, and sensitivity. One of the many ways we cope with her condition is by investing in soft fabrics for clothing, towels and bed sheets. My wife has given them her seal of approval as the soft and silky texture of the sheets do not aggravate her fibromyalgia. We've only washed them once to date so I can't verify that the texture will continue to soften with each washing but we are very pleased with them and are planning on purchasing additional sheet sets in the future to replace the ones we have now.
- Daniel

Best Sheets for Psoriasis

I am a Psoriasis sufferer and these sheets are so smooth & comfortable to sleep on. No drag against the skin, or uncomfortable feeling or heat issues at all.
- Miller

Best Sheets for Arthritis (Yeah, even dog arthritis!)

We have an 11-year-old dog who suffers from arthritis, an inoperable bone spur, and a pituitary tumor, his comfort levels are hard to achieve especially since it’s getting cold. Once this dog is in bed at night he doesn’t get out of bed and we have to physically make him get down by 9 or he’ll continue to lay and snore until noon. I will rave about these sheets to anyone who will listen.
- Sarah

Best Sheets for Contact Sensitivity

I have sensitivity to fabrics that are scratchy or even have any texture, at all. I'm also a "hot sleeper"... These sheets are so silky smooth and cool feeling that I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to my previous, high thread count, sateen cotton sheets, ever again. I've been completely spoiled!!
- Teresa

First and foremost, the sheets are as advertised: buttery soft and sleeps cool! They also seem to be superior to cotton for my wife's skin sensitivity.
- Llewedwyn

I can't tell you how happy I am with this purchase! I'm incredibly sensitive to fabrics and there's NOTHING SOFT ENOUGH for me! EXCEPT THESE SHEETS! I'm the most grateful sleeper ever. In the past, no matter how much money I'd spend, I loathed my sheets. I hate fancy hotel sheets, itchy. High thread count, low thread count, no thread count, itchy. You have a customer for life as I owe it to you because I can now finally get a damned night's SLEEP! Oh, and the PRICE! THANK YOU!
- Tracy

My husband is allergic to **all*synthetic*fibers** and is hypersensitive. We've used every count of cotton, very high-end linen, and even 100% silk sheets and pillowcases. The S&G are softer and smoother than all but the silk, and have a far FAR better hand and weight for sleeping than even fine China silk.
- Robbie

Best Sheets for Neuropathy

These sheets are great! Smooth, comfortable, neither hot nor cold to sleep under. I’m absolutely sold on them. Neuropathy makes my legs oddly sensitive to my bedding and normal sheets are almost painful against my calves. These are as comfortable as the soft blanket I had been using as a top sheet. Awesome!
- Julie

Best Sheets for Allodynia

Love these sheets! Great company too. So far, sheets have been great. Super silky soft more like satin and cotton mixed together. I have very difficult time finding sheets or any fabrics due to nervous system disorder, chronic pain and what's called allodynia. Where even the softest of fabrics feel like sandpaper. Touching wood feels like fire, touching metal hurts my teeth. Kind of like fingernails on chalkboard thing everyone knows but x 100 and very bizarre reactions. My idea of soft is much much softer than most. So if I say it’s soft, it’s uber soft.
- Emily


We're a bedding company. Inspired by a pun.

A pun, guys.

It may not surprise you to learn that we never fully imagined we’d have quite this kind of impact on people’s lives. We’re beyond thrilled that our eucalyptus lyocell sheets are a big hit, and we feel like we were incorrect for initially assuming they were just amazing, sustainable sheets, and not the mindblowing mattress magic that's been reported. (Incidentally, Mindblowing Mattress Magic was our high school band name.) 

Now that we’ve successfully helped people with the above ailments, we’re on to the next pressing causes: a more sustainable society, ending world hunger, solving the energy crisis, contacting alien life, making air travel suck less, and preventing drawstrings from getting pulled into the waistband of our favorite sweatpants. (That actually seems like a lot... maybe we'll focus on just the sustainability mission for now 🙃)

Thanks to so many out there for trusting us with your nights; we know how crucial sleep is to our immune systems, productivity, and happiness. As always, if you try S&G and don't 100% obsess over our eucalyptus sheets, we'll refund you immediately – no arbitrary time limits, either :) we hope you jump into bed with us!

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