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Love the sheet out of them

The softest, coolest pillowcases I ever laid my cheeks upon

Very nice

Perfect Sheets!

Super Soft!

I love my sheets! Also, customer service is extremely prompt and helpful. I made a mistake with my order and they fixed it immediately.

Happy to help, Vivian! Hope you have an awesome rest of your week!
Perfect for the couch! Comfy and cozy!!!

Bought the gray one and once it arrived, immediately went back and bought the ivory one. Great for taking the chill off while laying on the couch watching a movie or for cuddling up on the recliner while enjoying a good book. Keeps you warm without making you sweat!

Socks away sweat!

Whether a warm summer night or just a bit too warm on a winter night, these sheets keep us “just right.”

So soft... that they rip:(

I loved these sheets the moment the came out the box. I had done tons of research on quality and material options and decided upon this company; not only for the product, but for the fact that it's Colorado-based and has a hilarious advertising scheme. Unfortunately, after a month of use (and quite delightfully soft sleeping) the sheets ripped at the bottom of the bed where we placed our feet. I'm not entirely sure what we do whilst sleeping soundly, but we've never had sheets rip in such a way, nor within such a short amount of time. I still recommend them, assuming you aren't training for marathons in your sleep, because they are ridiculously soft, as promised. However, they are perhaps so soft that they don't hold up to your more active sleeper.

Hi McKenzie! Thank you so much for the kind words and for trying S&G! We appreciate you letting us know about this right away – what you're reporting is definitely an outlier, but there is occasionally defective fabric that slips through our randomized QA (and we almost always hear about it when that happens!). Can you please email with a picture of the defect, and we'll get that replaced for you right away (or a refund if you prefer, of course!)? Aside from that issue, we're so happy that you love your new sheets! We'll fix this for you asap.
Very Comforting Sheets

It always feels good to get in bed at the end of the day, but these sheets take this ti a new level. The sheets are soft, yes, but they're comforting. They feel better than just soft.

YUMMY sheets!

Mu husband and I have been in LOVE with these sheets - he is typically the "stiff-white-sheets-like-Grandma-had" kinda guy, but he's now been converted. We enjoy the soft, slippery, fun feel of these decadent sheets, and yes, we do giggle!

Legit the best and I'm back for more!

I originally bought a set of two sheets to support another techstars company. My support has transitioned to true fandom. In fact, my apt is a Sheets & Giggles ONLY home. Legitimately the best sheets I've had - soft and breathable.

I'll be back for more soon!

Sooo… Soft

We just love our new sheets! I just bought a set for my son and his wife for Christmas! The purple is an AMAZING COLOR! Fit for God!

Perfect for summer!

I can’t wait to try this sumptuous throw next summer, while I’m sitting next to my air conditioner. I’m sure that it will be just perfect- enough to keep a chill off but not get too warm! For now it’s dressing up my couch .

Love it

The review title speaks for its self. Love the sheets.

Amazing sheets and I LOVE the color!

Just as soft as advertised and they look AMAZING! Can't wait to get my second set!

Can’t help but giggle!

These sheets are amazing! So soft and cooling! I smile every time I lay down and wake up! Worth the buy for sure!

not what I expected

I was looking for a cozy blanket. This.....would barely cover my pup. I love your guys stuff but felt this was a little bit mis-represented.

Hi Cynthia! Thank you for your review (and for the kind words about S&G overall!). We apologize for any confusion – we don't think we misrepresented the blanket, but we hope we were clear enough on our product page about its features. The dimensions (60' x 50') are called out in the title and in the product description, and we have a specific line that mentions, 'Perfect to decorate the couch and for movie night – this isn't a 'keep you warm at 0 degrees' blanket.' If you have further feedback on how we can better clarify that this is a beautiful, soft, decorative throw but not one to replace a fluffy synthetic fleece, please let us know! Though we do hear from a lot of other reviewers that it keeps them quite warm and that it's what they expected, we do take notes like yours to heart and want to continuously improve our product descriptions. And of course, as always, everyone has different tastes, and if you're not happy with any S&G product, please just email for a full refund :) thanks again!
Great Sheets

Love the feel, very comfortable. My only complaint.... they produce a lot of lint.

Hi Tahzan! So happy that you love your sheets overall – re: the lint, that will calm down after a few washes, as you're sort of 'breaking them in' right now. Also, our sheets are oversized (the flat is 4-8' longer than industry standard, and the fitteds are for extra deep corners up to 20'), so you've got a lot of fabric that you're putting in the dryer. Especially in the first few washes, the sheer amount of fabric will result in a full lint trap (like a big load of clothes), and because it'll be one solid color, we can understand that it looks a little jarring. Hope this info helps, and thanks so much for your review!
I love it so much, but my dog stole it.

I was so excited for the blanket, thin but yet awesomely soft. I slept in it once and my dog stole it, so it's pretty much hers now. I hate conflict so I'll just have to get a second one...

Wonderful Sheets!

I bought sheets from S&G and Brooklinen just to compare. I will admit I like both for totally different reasons. S&G's feel way more luxurious but they're not as cooling, but they're still definitely great. Very very happy with my purchase.

So far it’s good.

I got the gray throw and it’s so cool to the touch. So far it’s great but I only got to use it for a couple of days so far because it got really cold outside.

3rd set - worth every penny!

I now have 2 queen sets, and one cal king, and I continue to love them tremendously, perhaps more than my firstborn...they wash well, don’t talk back, and always do what I want them to do. Who could ask for more?!


I LOVE these sheets so much!!!! And I bought a blanket which my 5 year old took because "it's so soft"!!! Definitely will be buying more!!


My wife and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary next year. How could I resist the appeal of Sheets AND Giggles? The sheets arrived promptly. We have used them for a month now, washing them once a week. Although I do the laundry, my wife has seen how much lint I remove from the dryer screen after each laundering. She is worried that the sheets will not last very long. If she's correct, we would be very disappointed. The sheets are very comfortable. We like them. However what disappoints me most is that the amount of giggles has not increased with these sheets. Discreetness prohibits me from revealing the quantity and quality of the giggles, but whatever that level is has not been altered by the sheets. Therefore the four-star rating.

Thank you, Brett! This review definitely made us giggle, so we appreciate it! No worries about the lint – our sheets are a lot of fabric to put in the dryer (effectively a big load of wash), and a single-colored lint tray can certainly be a little jarring to look at, but it's normal and will calm down a bit after a few washes. We hope you have a happy 50th anniversary next year, and we hope our sheets make it that much happier ;)
Cool, comfortable and ethical!

Cool and comfortable; I was concerned about the amount of lint in the dryer after washing these the first time, but they are still great!

Feel great, already faded

I bought the dark blue color, they are super soft and feel amazing but after two washes (on gentle as recommended) are already faded.... for the price it’s frustrating.

Hi Jen! So happy to hear that you love your sheets overall, but we want to help fix the fading issue you're mentioning since it's fairly unique feedback. Our sheets dye beautifully and deeply, and you shouldn't be experiencing any noticeable fading in such a short period of time. Can you please email and we'll get you a replacement set at no charge ASAP? Thanks for letting us know about this issue right away!
Now this is some real sheet!

I made no haste in writing this review, because I wanted to be sure of the quality of these sheets before I said anything about them. It's been about a month now, and I can say that this sheet is absolutely fantastic. Sheet puns aside..

When these sheets came in, I was a little surprised by how soft they already were. Their color is also vibrant, and the light highlights them and creates beautiful contrast. Anyways, the first thing I did was wash and dry them according to the instructions included with the package I received. I wait some time, and they come out, to my surprise, even softer. Their color also remained perfectly intact. They have a very nice sheen to them, and still do a month later. I set them up on my bed (which was an easy task, especially considering the tagged bottom left corner, a very thoughtful and helpful addition) and gave them a test. At first, I found nothing particularly special about them beyond their softness. Eventually, since I was just relaxing and watching YouTube on my phone as a bored student does, I found that these sheets also stay nice and cool, and that they're extremely breathable. They're not uncomfortable in any way, unlike sheets with a high thread count or a far less pleasant material like microfiber (ugh). With the actual production quality, I am also extremely satisfied. They're put together well. Upon inspecting them, I was impressed to find such quality work. Nothing looked out of place, and they feel very durable. This is particularly important to me, because these sheets certainly aren't on the cheap side. In this case, you pay for quality, and you get excellent quality. It's good to have the feeling that they'll last, and remain comfortable as they have over the past month.

TL;DR: Back to the sheet puns. This sheet is absolutely worth your money, because they are not only ethically sourced, but a quality product. 11/10, would buy again.