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A remedy for hot sleepers

These feel nice, but aren’t the softest sheets I’ve owned. I was actually a little let down with how they felt when they came out of the dryer the first time. That being said, let me tell you why I’m keeping them and may order more in the future. I’ve never slept a full night without waking up hot. All variations of sheets I’ve tried in the past (including tencel/eucalyptus) have perpetuated this problem. First night in these and I had no problems. After a few weeks of testing I can say it holds true. Very pleased with how cool (literally) these are.

Best sheets ever

After the first night, I ordered 2 more sets and donated all my other sheets.

Most comfortable sheets ever

These are hands down the best sheets I've ever owned. So soft and smooth! Also, they don't make me sweat the way other sheets do. Time will tell how they hold up, but so far I can't be happier. Makes me really hate it when it's time to get up.

oops - sheet!

Sheets are on the bed, seem to be OK, fit my queen nicely, but I inadvertently washed them in the highest temp my modern washer has. Dried in dryyer on lowest heat. Lots of lint in the filter, but the sheets seemed fine. Will sleep on them tonight for the first time.

Holy Sheets!

The best, most comfortable sheets I’ve ever used. And really easy to take care of, too. They make me love sleeping even more than before (and before was a lot!).


I had bought a duvet some years ago, it's the nicest duvet I've ever felt and I've always loved it but I have never been able to find a cover for it that felt as nice and really give it justice. Every time I put a cover on it I would get so disappointed to have such a nice feeling duvet feel so awful, until now. I finally feel happy, this duvet cover really gives my duvet the cloud feeling it always should have had. Thank you guys! I went from years of disappointment to completely satisfied and happy. Worth every penny!


I was first sold on the ecological data on your sheets, of course. Then my deeeep purple set arrived -- WOW, they're mystical and completely mood-altering. Laundered, they are now as soft as puppy's ears and serious stress melters. I am now sleeping ea-zzz-y.

Amazing Customer Service!

I loved my sheets from the day they arrived...but sadly had an issue with a defect in the fabric after the third use. I just sent off a quick message, figuring I'd have to jump through some hoops, but at least I'd get the ball rolling. Much to my surprise, Emily replied quickly with an apology and note that they would get a replacement out right away! No digging for order numbers, or sending pics, or sending the old sheet back. Just AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Really tickled pink! ...or maybe purple, actually!

This duvet cover is outrageous

I don't think I've ever touched anything softer. It's almost offensive how soft this thing is, and always cool to the touch. The ties are in all 4 corners, so my duvet inside never moves, and the buttons can be fastened so they're either visible or hidden (they're also easy to fasten, which is a plus). 10/10, better than any other duvet cover I've ever owned.

Emily to the rescue!

I had been waiting for my extra pillowcases to complete my (wonderful!) set. My email said they were delivered, but alas, not to be found. I was prepared to do battle with the forces that be, but instead Emily will be my champion, and meanwhile will send me another set! Thank you, Emily and S&G!

Sleeping like a Queen!!

I Ordered the navy cal king sheets and should not be happier with the oversized top sheet, the color, the feel, the cooling, the CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Emily helped me out when my sheets were taking longer to arrive than expected. She set me up with a discount for my next order AND a small amazon gift card as an apology for the longer ship time. Nearly any other company wouldn’t have bothered with more than a “sorry, the issue seems to be on the shippers end”.

Only draw back was I overslept for work the next morning cause I didn’t want to get out of bed!!

My husband loved them too! I can’t leave his review due to it containing excited explicits regarding how well he slept! I will be ordering more today!

Love it!

Most comfortable sheets I've ever slept on. They feel particularly awesome when one sleeps naked. (Ok, that's all the information you need!) But really, it was worth the extra expense and wait to get these sheets. And they go on so well. Fit really well. And Emily was so responsive. It's so great to buy a high quality product and know that the merchant really stands behind the product and customer service. I wish we had the same level of quality and service in other aspects of American retail.

Awesomely Amazing Sheet!

This sheet is AWESOME!! I ordered a set waaaaay early on, and let me tell you... I am loving the sheet outta my bed right now 😎 I'm up to 3 sets and a comforter, with more to come. These guys are fantastic!... the company is no b.s.... and the products are faaaaabulous!!!!

Good sheet!

I’ve slept two nights and I’m in love with the awesomeness of the sheets you sent me! Being in the prime of my life.. good sleep is rare! I sheet you not! Amazingly soft, comfortable, not hot.. just perfect! I wake up refreshed! Money. Well. Spent. And I just don’t give my $$ to anyone, but you guys rock... love the interaction you have with your friends, we are aren’t we?? Keep up the awesomeness and don’t forget to make a calendar of the cute puppy! Yes, I’ll take one ! Sammy approved!

My favorite sheets!!

I just bought another pair of these sheets! I would just cringe when i had to wash them and put a different set on in the meantime, now im so spoiled! Regular sheets are 💩compared to these!!!

Worth the money

Hubby and I figured, hey, what have we got to lose? Most sheets on the market are priced similarly. These washed up great and are super soft, even on the first night. I am a hot sleeper and these have helped keep me much cooler.
I also love the environmentally friendly choices they’re making as a company. Keep that sheet up!

Awesome sheets and speedy customer service

These sheets look and feel amazing and wash really well. I had a small issue, a tiny hole in a pillowcase due to packaging or something, and Emily got back to me very quickly to have that fixed for me!

Soft, and sleeps cool...

I had purchased a $100 set of bamboo sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond. They were... garbáge. They felt okay, but they slept unreasonably warm. I put on my Sheets & Giggles set after washing them, and they were amazing. Cool to the touch, and after 2 nights sleeping in the bed, I wasn't kicking off my sheets at 4am. I actually got really good sleep last night, and I attribute a lot of that to Sheets & Giggles set.


Thanks, Darryll! We really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review – what you're saying is exactly what we like to hear, especially about how naturally cool our sheets are! And sorry to hear about the expensive bamboo set at BB&B that didn't live up to expectations (we hear that a lot, actually). We have a working theory that if they stopped selling waffle irons and shower caddies, they'd be able to focus more on improving their bedding ;p with love, the S&G team.
First night in eucalyptus sheet

To be honest, I was looking forward very much to receiving the sheet. As I did not really know what to expect. I read so much about Eucalyptus, that you never know before you try.
But then they come, after 2 months.
I clean then the day I receive them (following carefully the instructions). And 3 hours after I was able to sleep in my new sheet like a baby.
No problem to fit them on my King size bed. The result was shiny and silky.
The sensation is really interesting. It is silky but with enough thickness not to worry about runing them easily. At the first sensation, it feels cold, but it warms very fast after 5 minutes. It is really smooth on the contact of the skin. I don't think I sleep better than before, but these sheets are definitively very nice, comfortable and look durable. Now this is the first night so we will see after 6 months if they still keep there shape and comfort.
Congratulation the product is great, and most of all your company seems really fun and I love yoru proactivity to answer me.
Good luck.

Thanks so much, Chris! That's what we always say about our sheets – they keep you cozy and warm on cold nights, but they also breathe like a dream when it's hot and muggy out. Because of this, a lot of our community calls our sheets 'magic,' but we just call it 'eucalyptus lyocell' ('magic' rolls off the tongue better, tbh). We appreciate you letting us know your first impressions! - The S&G team
Best sheets ever-

Really live up to the hype- super soft- I wuv them. And dogs....

Silky but still softly warm

I got one set of your queen sheets for my bed when they were first offered, and had forgotten all about the order by the time they finally arrived, but really love them. They are soft and absorbent but still smooth and easy to move about in bed on, important since I'm and arthritic senior.

Nearly Perfect

This duvet is soft, warm but not too warm, and repels cat hair pretty well. The only thing I don't like about it, and it may just be mine, is the ties for the corners are odd/awkward. I also don't like the button closure, but I may be doing it wrong, because the buttons are clearly visible. Overall though I like this duvet, and I like that I'm fancy enough to own a duvet.

Deep Pockets

Love the feel of the sheets but I would suggest that you pay attention to the depth of your mattress. Mine is about nine inches thick and the pockets are the sheets seem to be designed for much thicker mattresses. Consequently, the elastic designed to make the bottom sheet fit tight and avoid wrinkles is way under the mattress and essentially useless. Wrinkley bottom sheets are just not for comfortable sleeping. If you have a mattress that is 16+ inches deep, then this would likely be great.

Warning: may cause eucalyptus fetish

Sweetest sheets I’ve slept on. And getting better with every wash. Do require washing on gentle cycle so don’t get messy (baby). Silky soft. I like to sprawl in them. I want pajamas in this fabric. I’d keep going but I want to go roll in them now.

Sumptuous, but sturdy

I love these sheets. They are soft, smooth, silky, but unlike satin or silk sheets, these have substance. We've washed them several times, and they just get softer, unlike flannel or some fleece that can pill and lose its finish. So glad we got these, we're sold for life!