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Real Simple review - Sheets & Giggles
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These things are the sheet!

I’m so glad I took a chance and became a backer of this project. These are the most wonderful sheets I’ve ever slept on. The softness is amazing. If you touch them you’ll want them on your bed forever. I won’t sleep on anything else. The quality is outstanding, the comfort is unbeatable, and they’re also beautiful and environmentally friendly. Buy them. You will love them.

Super soft sultry sheets!

I am so glad we purchased 2 sets of these sheets. One for our Southern home and one for our Northern. We are thoroughly enjoying these soft and sultry sheets. I don’t think I’ve ever described sheets as sultry before but that’s just what they are! They feel cool and comfy like slipping on your favorite soft slipper but all over your body. I’m also thankful for the great education as I never knew how many pesticides were contained in regular cotton sheets. The sheets came arrived in a beautifully embossed box and sheets wrapped in a gorgeous purple tie string sheet bag. People have shoe bags so why not a sheet bag! Lol Oh, and you’ll find this company will bring out the pun in you.

Just Ordered a 2nd Set

We've been using our first set for about a month and they really are the softest sheets for the money...and then even softer after the first wash. Comparable or probably softer than what you'd find at a 5 Star hotel. After trying Sheets & Giggles, I literally threw out our other sheets (that were supposedly luxury) and just ordered a second set as back up.

Game Changer!!

I have indulged in high dollar sheets my adult life and I have never slept in anything as amazing as these (at a fraction of the cost)! Luxuriously soft doesn’t even describe how great these sheets feel. Not too light or heavy and they are so so soft. My husband always tried to avoid the sheets and just be under a blanket until these. Paired with amazing customer service, you can’t go wrong. I’ll never own anything else. Can’t wait to try the comforter!!

Best ever!

You can believe the hype! I heard nothing but good things about these sheets so I went for it. I'm so glad I did! Only S&G for me from now on!

The unicorn of bedding

These sheets are freakin’ magical!! I’ve been continually searching for my entire adult life for sheets like these, sheets that make bedtime a luxury. I’ve had flannel, microfiber, satin, high thread count cotton, t-shirt material, and even bamboo—but these sheets top them all. These sheets (and my duvet cover!) are absolutely the unicorn I never thought I’d find, the ultimate blend of unbelievable softness, epic breathability, and environmentally-guilt-free perfection. I’ve had them a few weeks now, and I still do a happy wiggle every time I get in bed.
I cannot stress enough the simple happiness these sheets have brought me, and the comfort that has actually improved my sleep. *happy sigh*
I didn’t need new sheets when I ordered these, but now... I need these sheets! I’m also pretty sure everyone needs these sheets.
Just to make things even better, this company has hilarious marketing and fantastic customer service. When you combine that with the magical bedding and their environmentally conscious approach...geesh, what’s more rare than a unicorn?

Also, and perhaps the most important part, my kitties love them too.

Comfy sheets!!

Absolutely love these sheets!! They are my absolute favorite. So glad I got them. Will definitely be buying more in the future!!!

I sheet you not, these sheets are pure gold

I’m never happy with sheets...ever. I’m the psycho that packs blankets when I’m staying in a hotel because I run hot and it’s miserable sleeping everywhere. I saw these sheets on Facebook and was initially ecstatic then sad because I was barely able to afford groceries at the time. After commenting on the post I saw, I got a message from the man, the myth, the legend, the ceo and he told me he wanted to gift me a sheet set. I was so blown away I told him no 3 times because I felt bad. Well I’m glad he’s stubborn because my sheets finally came and after washing them and sleeping on them the first night I am officially a happy sleeper. They’re soft, they don’t overheat, my skin isn’t nearly as irritated in the morning and I couldn’t be happier with the sheets, the customer service and the company. I’ll be recommending them to everyone, and will be a lifelong customer. This company is the sheet.

These sheets will make you weird!

In the best way, I became that weirdo person, who makes everyone who visits my house, feel the bag that our sheets came in. They're so freaking soft!
I was one of those people on the waiting list for these sheets to arrive. I have to point out firstly that the customer service of Sheets & Giggles is touched by none. The wonderful humans running this company are gold. I got my sheets in the mail and it took everything I had to wash them before I put them in my bed. I was reluctant because washing things can ruin their texture. Not these!! They were actually more soft!! Everything about the sheets, this fabric and this company is exactly as amazing as reading the text on their site and emails. I'm so stoked on these sheets. I've slept in them for a month and every night they're better and better. They're soft, cool and make my pillow a dream. These sheets are Sans Pareil. ♡ BUY THEM.

Worth the wait!

I ordered my sheets early on in 2018 and multiple times had to dig through old emails to look up my order number to check the status...then I got the message. They were ready to ship! My husband and I opened our package, followed the washing directions, and let dry overnight. By the next night we had them on our bed and haven’t used a different set since. I love how well they breathe and help control temperature. I’m so happy with them!

An order of magnitude.

I've slept on the best flannel (very soft), in the finest smooth cotton (very soft), soft microfiber (soft but like plastic), satin (see microfiber)... And the Sheets and Giggles are an order of magnitude softer than any I've tried. This is softness on a whole 'nother level. This is softness like the most perfect summer night air kind of softness. This is a fantastic, indescribable softness, and you can have it with these sheets. They're unlike anything I've ever slept on.

Soft, easy, comfy

After first wash these sheets became butter. I start cold then end up in a sweat (under a down comforter). These sheets both keep me warm to start and also keep me dry/cooler at night in a way neither silk nor cotton ever did. It's a Christmas miracle. Glad I took the risk.

These are the SHEET!

I absolutely love these sheets. They are far more luxurious than the high thread count cotton sheets I usually buy (which cost more), and super soft against my skin. I am going to have to get another set so that I never have to put the cotton sheets back on. And the colors are beautiful too! On top of it all, the company is friendly and fun. Customer for life, here!

Holy sheet these are amazing!

I have somehow become a high thread count sheet snob over the years and these are hands down the best sheets I own. Those of you with (older) Tempur-Pedic mattresses may know the struggle of finding good temperature balances. I always started the night cold and would end up sweating later in the night. I don’t know why they are so magical but I those temperature struggles have become a thing of the past. I’m comfortable all night...and don’t want to get up in the morning.
My husband usually doesn’t pay attention to sheets but even he noticed that they are AMAZING.


My husband never paid much attention to the sheets he slept. After sleeping on these for a few days, he told me how comfortable the sheets were. He said they stayed cool all night. I am ordering another set now.

This sheet is serious!

I've struggled with partial insomnia for years! Spent tons of money on chiros and essential oils, mattresses, you name it! Ever since I got my new sheets I have been sleeping for nearly 7 hours a night. Are you kidding me? I don't get hot and sweaty, I don't want to kick my goldfish, life is so much better. My husband initially scoffed at the idea that these sheets would make any difference. Let's just say that he's now a believer! Of course, I posted the instructions of how to care for our new miracle sheets because if he ruins them I will have to bury HIM in the backyard!


These are the softest and smoothest sheets I've encountered! Hubby is sensitive to every synthetic fiber known to man. He has had two nights so far of the most restful sleep, even overriding his chronic insomnia.

Sheets are also officially Bengal approved - - he has given up his place on the silk duvet to snuggle into these sheets!

Love the sheets

I love the sheets and I love the VIP gifts I received. I ordered the Navy and Grey sets for my bedding. They are so comfortable.

I washed both sets but one of the grey pillowcases started to dethread. I sent an e-mail to customer service and they are sending me a replacement set for the pillowcase. Wonderful customer service.

Holy Sheet!!!!

Everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and order at least a few sets of these sheets. They are the most amazing sheets that I have ever had. I have an adjustable bed and no matter what brand or material my sheets were, they always slipped off the mattress in the middle of the night. I’m happy to report that I awoke this morning and for the first time in months I did not have to put my sheets back on the bed. Not only is their product the absolute top of the line, their customer service is second to none. If you have a question or a comment they are so attentive and helpful. I will never buy any other brand of sheet again. Thanks so much Sheets&Giggles!

Sheets from Heaven

I received my sheet set the other day and I washed and hung to dry the pillow cases and I am IN LOVE with the pillow cases. Seriously! I wasn't sure what to make of the reviews and questions and answers when I first came upon the sponsored post in my feed a couple months back but OMGosh!!! For the last two nights, I have had the best sleep I've had in a really long time. And yes, you read this right: so far, I have only used the pillow cases. I usually wake up super sweaty at night (chronic pain from a spinal disease and peri-menopausal) but the last two nights? I have slept through the night and I have not been sweaty.

It's like a freaking miracle!!!!!!

I want to wash the sheets and put them on my bed but I'm having a little bit of trouble getting it done right away : the instructions say to line dry. I live in an apartment and have no idea where to line dry my sheets but by golly I am going to figure it out this weekend because if just the pillowcases make this much of a difference, I cannot WAIT to see what magic comes from the sheets.

Hey are fantastic!!! Thank you SO much for all you have done for me. I appreciate you all so very much!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

PS.....I am going to start saving up for the duvet cover because if the pillowcases make me this happy, I know the sheets will make be even happier. The happier I am, the better life is so why not go all the way and get the duvet cover, too! I have never, and I mean never, been so sheeting excited about bedding before. Thank you!!!

For fabric connoisseurs

My new sheets have been on my bed for 3 nights and I’m SO IN LOVE!!!!

Also.... I am thrilled to spend my money on companies who are as concerned with social and eco values as I am.
For fabric connoisseurs- it’s soft like a cotton sateen. Doesn’t snag on dry skin, cause static, hold heat, or slip around like microfiber. It’s got a beautiful weight and drape - they didn’t go cheap with a light weight. This is thick buttery cushy mid weight rayon.
Last night as I was climbing in bed, I thought how much I’d love to make a shirt dress out of this fabric. I bought gray, but it came with a purple sleep mask and bag. The dyes are exquisitely rich.

This is some seriously good sheet

I'm not here to repeat what everyone else is saying; "The sheets are incredible", "These sheets changed my life!", "THE most comfortable sheets I've ever slept on".

That's all obvious at this point.

Here is the real game changer & proof that Sheets And Giggles truly give a sheet. When I was putting my sheets on for the first time, I noticed that both the fitted sheet AND the regular sheet contained a small tag that designated the BOTTOM LEFT CORNER. I get the fitted sheet orientation wrong about 70% of the time, and it's about damn time someone realized the struggle of the everyday person.

Also, serious props for including not only the eye mask, but the HEAD MASK as well, for when you truly need a pitch black sleeping experience.

Best Sheets Ever!

These are probably the best sheets I’ve ever had. So soft and cozy, you really don’t want to get out of bed in the morning! To top things off, these guys have some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. Super friendly and always quick to help even when they are busy.

Probably the best sheets I've ever had!

Super soft, smooth, and very breathable! Well worth it! I'm recommending to everyone I know. I plan to buy a second set.

I Never Want to Sleep On Anything Else

I was really excited to receive my shipment. It took a while and as somebody who has backed a lot of crowd funded projects, I was worried. Most of the projects I have backed in the past have fallen apart and I never got what I was promised. In fact, Sheets & Giggles is only the 2nd crowd funded project\company I backed to ever ship me the product, the other was Lil Dicky!

The package was beautiful. The presentation was on point. Right away the sheets felt very soft to the touch. We put them in the wash right away. Our washer is crappy, they were washed with warm water even though we put it on a cold wash. I was worried it would mess them up but it didn't. They are even softer than they were before the wash.

It's hard to describe. When my 2 year old son is in the bed with me, I tend to lay still and pretend to be asleep so he goes to sleep. I did that last night and all I could think about was how soft the sheets were. I didn't think it would be such a drastic difference but it is. Switching to a memory foam mattress and to memory foam pillows was was a major game changer. I feel switching to Sheets & Giggle sheets is just as big of a game changer. I'm so happy we got them!

I saw a rapper on MTV cribs once say he spared no expense on two things. His bed and his shoes. His grandmother always said when you're not in one, you're in the other. I can confidently say, my bed game is strong!

Thanks, Sheets & Giggles!