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Lovely item

I love the color, the feel, and the ease of putting them on!! I am so glad I saw your ad on Facebook!!

Im so excited, and i just cant hide it , you know , you know, you know , , I want too

I just got another set of sheets!!!!!! I'm so excited to wash them and put them on my bed, I loved my last purple set. Wasn't so keen on the tan set butbthats all they had , the rest were sold out.....

No sheet, I’m sleeping cooler and less restless. Love my sheets!

Love these sheets!!!

Cool, comfortable and a great length! (I was forever tucking in my old sheets...)
Love this company's attitude and transparency. Customer for life! <3

Great sleep

Definitely sleeping cooler.

Mixed results

I love the sheet fabric and color, but the sheets are slightly too large for my queen bed. Is that by design?

Hi Bryon! Glad you're loving S&G on the whole <3 but yes indeed, our fitted sheets are made with extra deep corners to fit mattresses up to 20' thick, and our top sheets range from 4' - 8' longer than industry standard (so your feet don't pop out at night, and so they're easier to tuck). If you're not satisfied, please just email us and we'll take care of a refund for ya. Thanks for the review, and hope you're having a nice day!
These sheets are the bomb!😁😁

These sheets are awesome! Some buy shoes, some buy purses, I buy sheets!!! After buying these , I promptly bought another set and gave away all my other sets! The only problem? Made the mistake of letting another family member try my sheets! My other set are gone!! 🤣 now, I NEED another set!!!
Even my puppy approves!!

Softest, smoothest sheets!

My Sheets & Giggles sheets are the best I've ever owned, always smooth, soft, and cool to the touch. I love them so much that I ordered a new set for my girlfriend's bed!

'I love them so much that I ordered a new set for my girlfriend's bed!'
Well fitting comfortable sheets

I received, I washed, I slept on my sheets. They fit well, pillows don’t stick out the end 😉. Very soft and comfortable. Were good in the warm weather.

Annoying marketing but sheets are fine

I found the marketing became extremely irritating. I know the name of the company is based on one pun, but IMO they take it past the point of annoying. I rolled my eyes when I saw it used for the 100th time. For example, "Oh Sheet, your order is on the way" - doesn't make sense to use their pun there. The sheets are fine. Expensive. At this stage, their overuse of "sheet" will prevent me from ordering from this company again. They seem infantile how far they have taken it.

Thanks so much for this feedback! We're genuinely flattered that you still thought highly enough of our sheets to give us 5 stars, and we'll keep your notes in mind as we grow the brand and write future copy. We have a ton of fun with our marketing, especially because we're in such a traditionally 'serious' industry, but we honestly know that not everything we do is perfectly executed. (You have no idea how difficult it was to resist the urge to say 'bedsecuted' there.) We'll keep improving as we grow as a company and team. Thanks again, and other than our puns, we're happy you love your sheets!
Not a one night stand

These sheets are amazing! Was looking for soft but cool to the touch sheets and these are it. My husband is a hot sleeper and gets up multiple times a night because of it. His getting up (which then wakes me up) and decreased for sure since we started sleeping on these. My dogs are big fans too! Sheets & Giggles sheets are a keeper!

Great sheets, but I don’t like king sized pillow cases

Just got these sheets and really like them. Super soft and love the dark gray color. Customer service was also really quick to respond when I asked about exchanging the king sized pillow cases for standard size. They wouldn’t do an exchange but did give me a discount for 20% off standard sized. Would have given 5 stars if it didn’t cost me more just to have normal sized pillow cases (plus now I’m stuck with king sized ones I’ll never use).

Made me a believer

My husband is a sheet snob. He used to manage a high end mattress store, and swore we could only have a particular brand of sheets that have an extra band for the corner pockets to stay attached to the bed. I bought these sheets anyways because ya know 100% money back guaranteed. It's been over a week, and the corner pockets have not come up off the bed from all the tossing and turning. Plus, they are ridiculously soft, as promised. I love getting in bed, our dog just stays in bed, and now I'm coming back for the duvet cover because the one we have is just not soft enough and ruins my Sheets & Giggles experience. Way to go! Take all my money ;)

Softness & sheen

Love my new duvet cover in the grey. The sateen weave have a lustrous sheen that looks very classy, and it’s soooo soft. Feels wonderful next to the skin. (Yes, I’m one of those people who prefer not to use a top sheet.) It’s perfect for my summer comforter cover. LOVE IT!

queen sheet set

I received my white sheet set the feel brand new was amazing however i always wash anything new amazing quality and feel. Will definetly order another set

Really & Truly The Best Sheets Ever

Is anything ever exactly as advertised? Finally Yes, these sheets are all that! The fabric is fine, substantial and soft, feels like sleeping in a cloud (cool and cozy), washes up nicely and fits our bed very well. We've only had these a couple of days but I expect continued happiness based on other satisfied customer reviews. BTW - customer service is outstanding too. Another nice surprise. Take the leap - it's worth it.

Holy sheet!

I bought another set of eucalyptus sheets and really liked them, but I sheet the bed and didn’t pay attention (or take seriously) the washing instructions. They got shredded! So I decided to replace them with some Sheets and Giggles. I was worried at first because the fitted sheet seemed a little big and being an active sleeper, I was worried that might be a problem. No problem at all, the fitted sheet stays put and my husband appreciates the longer top sheet since I like to roll around and take that with me. Overall, I’m very happy with them. Please make some more colors! I’d love to see some more neutrals.

Duvet Cover

There had been an issue with the delivery of my order but it was handled by Emily and I finally received my order 3 days ago. I love the feel of my cover and the only down side is that I couldn’t get it in purple to match my sheets. Please think about doing the duvet covers in more than white or grey.

Laugh out Loud

These sheets are the softest! Snuggle, snuggle, sleep, sleep!

Sleeeepoliscious!!! No Sheeeting!!!

Ever since my hubby and I got our sheets over a month ago, we are sleeping so much more comfortably. We are very Thankful & Lucky to have found these awesome sheets. They are SOFT & BREATHABLE!! They never disappoint and worth every penny. I plan to purchase again.
Thank You Sheets & Giggles for my comfort smile every night I go to sleep!
Sue & Dave K. , Sunrise, FL

Love Them!

I only buy high threadcount sheets and was skeptical that these would measure up. My first impression upon opening the package was that they are substantial! The color (purple) is also gorgeous! I washed them in cold water and dried them on low heat. They feel wonderful! I have not yet slept on them but will be putting them on my bed soon. The price is also fantastic - no more spending hundreds of dollars on sheets because I can buy yours!

soft and cool in more ways than one

These sheets are soft and cool as promised. And so far, they are durable. I have heard that sheets made from Eucalyptus can break down pretty quickly. I've washed these several times...at least 4 times in 5 weeks. No sign of wear so far, and fingers crossed. Even so, if the fibers do break down I will not hesitate to replace this sheet with another of its kind. I am too spoiled by the softness and temperature these sheets maintain all night to turn back.

The fitted sheet is a little too *large* for my mattress--I have a standard queen, probably taller/thicker than average, but definitely not smaller than standard height.--but I actually love that. Most fitted sheets are just a little too small. This one fits cleanly over all the corners of my mattress with no struggle. There's also a little tag on the bottom left corner that says "bottom left" which makes putting the bed together so much easier. (It's the little things.)

I adore this sheet.


The duvet cover is so lovely to sleep under. It is really silky against my skin. It came through its first washing with some wrinkles but they smoothed themselves out by the next morning. The gray color is really pretty.

Good so far

I’ve only had them for about a week and I’ve loved them so far. They fit my mattress wonderfully and are extremely soft. Time will tell how they hold up and hopefully that answer will be amazing

The best!

I just received my second order of these sheets. I have two sets of very expensive cotton sheets that I’m now willing to sell cheap!