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Real Simple review - Sheets & Giggles

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This is some seriously good sheet

I'm not here to repeat what everyone else is saying; "The sheets are incredible", "These sheets changed my life!", "THE most comfortable sheets I've ever slept on".

That's all obvious at this point.

Here is the real game changer & proof that Sheets And Giggles truly give a sheet. When I was putting my sheets on for the first time, I noticed that both the fitted sheet AND the regular sheet contained a small tag that designated the BOTTOM LEFT CORNER. I get the fitted sheet orientation wrong about 70% of the time, and it's about damn time someone realized the struggle of the everyday person.

Also, serious props for including not only the eye mask, but the HEAD MASK as well, for when you truly need a pitch black sleeping experience.

Hey Vince! You nut. Thanks for the awesome review, and hope you're still loving the head mask / knapsack – you look great in it.
I sheet you not, these sheets are pure gold

I’m never happy with sheets...ever. I’m the psycho that packs blankets when I’m staying in a hotel because I run hot and it’s miserable sleeping everywhere. I saw these sheets on Facebook and was initially ecstatic then sad because I was barely able to afford groceries at the time. After commenting on the post I saw, I got a message from the man, the myth, the legend, the ceo and he told me he wanted to gift me a sheet set. I was so blown away I told him no 3 times because I felt bad. Well I’m glad he’s stubborn because my sheets finally came and after washing them and sleeping on them the first night I am officially a happy sleeper. They’re soft, they don’t overheat, my skin isn’t nearly as irritated in the morning and I couldn’t be happier with the sheets, the customer service and the company. I’ll be recommending them to everyone, and will be a lifelong customer. This company is the sheet.

wonderful sheets-lovely soft white

Super soft yet breathable. Silky, with a sheen, washed and dried in the dryer on low without wrinkles or shrinkage. My only complaint is the amount of packaging. Too much stuff- cardboard box and plastic bags and outer shipping container(can't remember if that was a bag or box). It goes against the mission of helping the environment, which was my sole reason for buying.

Hey JT! Thanks for this. We thought you might want to know that we've taken your feedback (and others') to heart and totally overhauled our packaging for our next production run. The packaging you received was our first design, and we made at least three frankly bad calls: the white exterior (gets dirty in transit if not protected), the internal plastic bag to wrap the sheets to prevent water damage during transit, and the donation mailer being a plastic bag (even though both bags are recyclable). Now that we've grown beyond launch, we've redesigned our packaging to be much more minimalistic in our next run. Aside from the look and feel, major changes include the removal of all plastic and the removal of the external protective corrugated box that the white box currently comes packed in. We're also flipping to a purple exterior vs white, so the recyclable boxes containing the sheets will be more durable in transit, and we can slap a shipping label right on the box. Thanks again for your feedback – it was very helpful to us, and we hope you love the changes we're making! Please feel free to email us directly at if you'd like to know more about what we're doing, or if you have any more constructive thoughts we can incorporate. - The S&G Team
Sheets from Heaven

I received my sheet set the other day and I washed and hung to dry the pillow cases and I am IN LOVE with the pillow cases. Seriously! I wasn't sure what to make of the reviews and questions and answers when I first came upon the sponsored post in my feed a couple months back but OMGosh!!! For the last two nights, I have had the best sleep I've had in a really long time. And yes, you read this right: so far, I have only used the pillow cases. I usually wake up super sweaty at night (chronic pain from a spinal disease and peri-menopausal) but the last two nights? I have slept through the night and I have not been sweaty.

It's like a freaking miracle!!!!!!

I want to wash the sheets and put them on my bed but I'm having a little bit of trouble getting it done right away : the instructions say to line dry. I live in an apartment and have no idea where to line dry my sheets but by golly I am going to figure it out this weekend because if just the pillowcases make this much of a difference, I cannot WAIT to see what magic comes from the sheets.

Hey are fantastic!!! Thank you SO much for all you have done for me. I appreciate you all so very much!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

PS.....I am going to start saving up for the duvet cover because if the pillowcases make me this happy, I know the sheets will make be even happier. The happier I am, the better life is so why not go all the way and get the duvet cover, too! I have never, and I mean never, been so sheeting excited about bedding before. Thank you!!!

Just got my sheetment!

(Aaaaand I’m super proud of my pun) This weekend’s forecast is thunderstorms and I’m not mad about it. My man and I will be in our new sheets n giggling! Between his night sweats and my controversial body temperature, these sheets are breathable yet cozy and soft! I love them.
Thanks Sheets & Giggles! Can’t wait to share the gift of sheet this holiday!

Hope You’re freakin happy- need these to sleep now

My husband sleeps hot, and I sleep cold, and he snores, and I don’t (I swear). Or at least... we used to??? We just had to throw some more money at S&G for a second set because when we switched to our spare cotton sheets to wash these, we got our WORST sleep in more than a week. We both sleep great in these- no throwing off blankets because he’s too hot, much less snoring, and I don’t freeze because these trap heat so well. I hope you’re happy- you ruined our other sheets. (But seriously buy these they’re amazing)

This sheet is serious!

I've struggled with partial insomnia for years! Spent tons of money on chiros and essential oils, mattresses, you name it! Ever since I got my new sheets I have been sleeping for nearly 7 hours a night. Are you kidding me? I don't get hot and sweaty, I don't want to kick my goldfish, life is so much better. My husband initially scoffed at the idea that these sheets would make any difference. Let's just say that he's now a believer! Of course, I posted the instructions of how to care for our new miracle sheets because if he ruins them I will have to bury HIM in the backyard!

Best Sheets Ever!

These are probably the best sheets I’ve ever had. So soft and cozy, you really don’t want to get out of bed in the morning! To top things off, these guys have some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. Super friendly and always quick to help even when they are busy.

Game Changer!!

I have indulged in high dollar sheets my adult life and I have never slept in anything as amazing as these (at a fraction of the cost)! Luxuriously soft doesn’t even describe how great these sheets feel. Not too light or heavy and they are so so soft. My husband always tried to avoid the sheets and just be under a blanket until these. Paired with amazing customer service, you can’t go wrong. I’ll never own anything else. Can’t wait to try the comforter!!

Probably the best sheets I've ever had!

Super soft, smooth, and very breathable! Well worth it! I'm recommending to everyone I know. I plan to buy a second set.

Best ever!

You can believe the hype! I heard nothing but good things about these sheets so I went for it. I'm so glad I did! Only S&G for me from now on!

This duvet cover is outrageous

I don't think I've ever touched anything softer. It's almost offensive how soft this thing is, and always cool to the touch. The ties are in all 4 corners, so my duvet inside never moves, and the buttons can be fastened so they're either visible or hidden (they're also easy to fasten, which is a plus). 10/10, better than any other duvet cover I've ever owned.

Duvet and cover - AMAZING

Sleeping under the S&G duvet and cover is such a delight. I ordered for environmental reasons and had no idea how truly amazing they would be. The weight of the duvet is perfect - how can it keep you just the right temperature? And the cover has the perfect feel - super soft on your skin but durable for long wear. Really great products - and a fun and eco-responsible company. Highly recommend.

Expensive but worth it.

Got two sets of king sized sheets, a duvet, and a duvet cover. Yes that’s a lot but I really wanted to overhaul my bedding.
First, they’re amazingly soft. Like frictionless soft. Like trying to fold air frictionless soft. Have you ever tried to fold air? It’s hard!!
Second, the sheets are BIG ENOUGH!! I cannot stand it when I can’t properly tuck the bottom of the top sheet in because it’s too short. Or the sides don’t hang down from the mattress much. These are plenty big. Fitted sheet is deep too. Covers my mattress and the gel/foam topper and mattress pad EASILY!
The colors are beautiful. I got the purple and navy. Purple are shown in the pictures.
Finally, these are fully Kitty-approved. Snickers (the tiger stripes) loves them but if I’m honest she’s not very picky. She’ll sleep anywhere. Boots (the tuxedo) on the other hand is very particular. She’ll sleep in the bed when I’m there but not often when I’m not. Until I put the new S&G duvet and cover on. Now if I’m not sure where she is, I just have to look on the bed.
So spend the money. You won’t regret them. You might even fall back in love with your bed. My husband has and he is a notoriously under-achieving sleeper. I think he looks forward to bedtime again.

For fabric connoisseurs

My new sheets have been on my bed for 3 nights and I’m SO IN LOVE!!!!

Also.... I am thrilled to spend my money on companies who are as concerned with social and eco values as I am.
For fabric connoisseurs- it’s soft like a cotton sateen. Doesn’t snag on dry skin, cause static, hold heat, or slip around like microfiber. It’s got a beautiful weight and drape - they didn’t go cheap with a light weight. This is thick buttery cushy mid weight rayon.
Last night as I was climbing in bed, I thought how much I’d love to make a shirt dress out of this fabric. I bought gray, but it came with a purple sleep mask and bag. The dyes are exquisitely rich.

Sir Sweats A Lot

Hi I am Aaron, I am 28 and I am a sweating pro! I also have ALS which causes me to not be able to pull the covers off of myself when I am hot! Your sheets have made my life so much more comfortable and always cool when I sleep! I only wish I could afford more of them! Thanks for making my nights super cool!

Hey Aaron! We wanted to let you know that we shared your review around the office on Friday, and it completely made everyone's day ahead of the weekend. We'd love to (not-so-randomly) treat you to some pizza or something else nice this week, so we'll be reaching out shortly via email. Thanks again, and so so happy you love your S&G sheets!
Sleeping like a Queen!!

I Ordered the navy cal king sheets and should not be happier with the oversized top sheet, the color, the feel, the cooling, the CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Emily helped me out when my sheets were taking longer to arrive than expected. She set me up with a discount for my next order AND a small amazon gift card as an apology for the longer ship time. Nearly any other company wouldn’t have bothered with more than a “sorry, the issue seems to be on the shippers end”.

Only draw back was I overslept for work the next morning cause I didn’t want to get out of bed!!

My husband loved them too! I can’t leave his review due to it containing excited explicits regarding how well he slept! I will be ordering more today!

These sheets have achieved the impossible!

I never knew that there were sheets out there that could keep me both warm and cool at the same time. I sheet you not; I am crazy comfortable in these sheets! I may never use another kind of sheets again!

Thanks, LeeAnne! So glad you love your sheets so much, and you nailed the description! It's always been a little difficult for us to perfectly explain how warm and cozy they are in the winter while keeping you cool and comfy at the same time. Thanks again for the note!
Divine Duvet Cover

Ordered the duvet cover to keep my comforter breathable and i am very pleased with it. So much so that i just ordered a set of sheets. I have had a hard time finding the bamboo sheets that i have come to love but after enjoying the duvet cover for a couple months, i think i may prefer eucalyptus.
Thanks sheetheads!!

I Never Want to Sleep On Anything Else

I was really excited to receive my shipment. It took a while and as somebody who has backed a lot of crowd funded projects, I was worried. Most of the projects I have backed in the past have fallen apart and I never got what I was promised. In fact, Sheets & Giggles is only the 2nd crowd funded project\company I backed to ever ship me the product, the other was Lil Dicky!

The package was beautiful. The presentation was on point. Right away the sheets felt very soft to the touch. We put them in the wash right away. Our washer is crappy, they were washed with warm water even though we put it on a cold wash. I was worried it would mess them up but it didn't. They are even softer than they were before the wash.

It's hard to describe. When my 2 year old son is in the bed with me, I tend to lay still and pretend to be asleep so he goes to sleep. I did that last night and all I could think about was how soft the sheets were. I didn't think it would be such a drastic difference but it is. Switching to a memory foam mattress and to memory foam pillows was was a major game changer. I feel switching to Sheets & Giggle sheets is just as big of a game changer. I'm so happy we got them!

I saw a rapper on MTV cribs once say he spared no expense on two things. His bed and his shoes. His grandmother always said when you're not in one, you're in the other. I can confidently say, my bed game is strong!

Thanks, Sheets & Giggles!

Grandma better step up her hug game...

Sheets have arrived and are AMAZBALLS! So soft and soothing they could replace the hugs of loved ones. Even the dogs are fighting me for their gentle caress and soft soothing comfort. Can’t wait for my comforter and duvet to arrive!

Sheet happy

Twin and King Sheets arrived yesterday, washed beautifully and soft as a baby’s behind! (Actually Softer!) This 50-something woman and her hubby enjoying bedtime again...Amazing things happen when you’re cool and comfortable!! Packaging is the most fun to open! I’m donating my old sheets with the bag they’ve provided to me!

Love them!

Super comfy and love the extra deep pockets. Wish there were more color choices for us weirdos that only want the fitted sheet.

Awesome sheets

Love the sheets, feel great, easy to wash, worth the price. My only feedback is more colors. We got the dark navy but would love some less bold colors, maybe a beige.

Deep Pockets

Love the feel of the sheets but I would suggest that you pay attention to the depth of your mattress. Mine is about nine inches thick and the pockets are the sheets seem to be designed for much thicker mattresses. Consequently, the elastic designed to make the bottom sheet fit tight and avoid wrinkles is way under the mattress and essentially useless. Wrinkley bottom sheets are just not for comfortable sleeping. If you have a mattress that is 16+ inches deep, then this would likely be great.