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Start-of-Summer Sale: save 35% on S&G! 🌞

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Give a Sheet and Get Yours for Free

Give a Sheet and Get Yours for Free

Finding the perfect gift is so easy, you can do it in your sleep.

Share S&G with friends & family, and We'll Take Care of the Rest™



Share code GIVING2020 with people to use on today and tomorrow (Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday).

First time customers will get $20.20 off their order, and you'll both get an entry into our raffle this week to give 2 people back their order values (i.e., you can get your sheet for free).


If you're reading this, perhaps a friend shared this blog post with you. In which case, you have excellent taste in friends, and you should take a moment to reflect on the life choices that led you to such an awesome crew.

Ok that's enough reflecting.

For the last three [counts on fingers quickly] four days since Black Friday, S&G has been running a special "2020" promo:

  1. 20% off everything S&G
  2. 20% of your order value donated to the charity of each customer's choice, selected at checkout.

This promotion will run through end of day today (Cyber Monday, 11/30), and then we'll tally up and share the totals on Giving Tuesday tomorrow (12/1).

We've already seen quite a bit of donations this weekend, but we really want the last 12 hours to blow up before our investors catch wise that we're giving away money, soooo:

Want your S&G order for free?

For existing customers of S&G that want to share us (and word of mouth is so crucial to a small business, so thank you!), we want to do something fun:

  1. Tap here to share this blog post on Facebook today with a kind word or ten about Sheets & Giggles, or even text a few friends directly.
  2. Tell your friends to use code GIVING2020 on for an extra $20.20 off (get it?) any S&G order, only for first-time customers.
  3. At random, we'll choose 1 person who uses the code and give them their order for free, and we'll also refund the order of the person who shared the code with them. (That's you! ...well it could be.)

It's sort of like a retroactive giveaway that we totally planned ahead and didn't think of this morning at the last minute.

So the more folks you share GIVING2020 with, the more entries you have to get your past S&G order refunded retroactively. (The code will be live until midnight on 12/1.)

It all adds up:

Last year, we donated nearly twenty thousand dollars to the World Wildlife Fund® to help save koalas in the wake of those awful Australian wildfires.

We're excited to see the impact of this year's promotion, which will be spread across many wonderful charity partners instead of just one.

Update: over $12,500 donated to 125+ different charities!

S&G 2020 Promotion

As we enter year 4 of our brand's existence, appreciate the S&G community's support! Without you, we couldn't make all the impactful contributions that we do throughout the year.

We hope we make you proud every day to be a part of our weird little community, and we hope you share our eucalyptus sheets with someone you know looking for the best Cyber Monday deals (or even sheety ones). By giving the gift of S&G, you'll make someone happy, give a super nice sustainable gift, AND add someone else to our punderful crew.

Seriously how gorgeous of a gift is this:

Eucalyptus Comforters

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