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Gadgets to help you sleep

Gadgets to help you sleep

If the mere thought of falling into an immediate slumber and sleeping the whole night through is an alien concept to you, then you may need these gadgets to help you sleep.

We’re privileged to live in an era where we can pop online, do a quick Google search and find our next device to help us get a decent night’s sleep – some even arriving the very next day (thanks, Jeffrey).

Why sleep is so important

A good night’s sleep is imperative for your productivity, health, and well-being. We should be getting between six and nine hours sleep every night, so why do some of us find it so difficult? Being awake in the middle of the night when everyone else has nodded off can be a lonely, frustrating, and exhausting experience.  

Over the counter sleeping pills can be addictive and have adverse effects on the body, so here’s hoping that some of these gadgets will transform your sleeping routine and give you the peaceful night’s sleep you crave.   

7 gadgets to help you sleep

1. Welltiss Mind

Released in 2020, Welltiss Mind is a wearable PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) device designed to aid better sleep. Sound scary? It’s actually quite incredible.

Without going into total mad scientist mode we’ll explain how it works. Throughout your day-to-day activities the brain reacts to situations differently. These cause a variety of different brain waves.

For example, if you’re in a social situation your brain waves will be much more erratic than if you were in a deep sleep, where your brain waves are much calmer.

The Welltiss Mind device uses electromagnetic field technology to calm and influence your brains patterns. By simulating a calmed state of mind, the Welltiss Mind has been proven to relieve stress, improve concentration, and help you sleep. Welltiss thing looks pretty cool, huh? (sorry)

    Welltiss Mind
      2. Zeez Sleep Pebble

      A similar concept to the Welltiss Mind, the Zeez Sleep Pebble also uses a brain wave theory. The difference being that the Sleep Pebble is not wearable. Instead, it is placed under your pillow and mimics the brain waves of a good sleeper (like Haley Joel Osment). 

      Using electromagnetic fields, the device uses Alpha frequencies (8-12Hz) to help you switch off, Theta frequencies (4-8Hz) to help you fall asleep and Delta frequencies (0.5-4Hz) to help you sleep deeply.

      The Zeez Sleep Pebble systematically runs through these frequencies so you fall asleep and stay asleep. The company advises that you should allow 1-4 weeks to train your brain into becoming susceptible to these frequencies before giving up or resorting to heavy drinking again.

      Zeez Sleep Pebble

        3. Dodow

        Designed by insomniacs for insomniacs, Dodow helps its users fall asleep 2.5 times faster on average. This simple and portable device is placed on your bedside table and switched on with the swipe of a finger.

        Dodow will then project a soft halo light into your bedroom ceiling which slowly pulses, getting larger and smaller. By synchronizing your breath with the light you will slow your breathing rate to six breaths per minute, putting you into rest mode.

        They claim this simple act of slowing your breathing down will help get you to sleep in just eight minutes!

        Dodow has received huge publicity worldwide including being featured in Vogue, Business Insider, Mashable, and Digital Trends. This, coupled with their impressive customer reviews and affordable price of only $59.99 is making us very tempted indeed.


        4. Neom’s Wellbeing Pod & Perfect Night’s Sleep Essential Oil Blend

        Neom have coupled their Wellbeing Pod with a complex blend of ingredients in the form of an essential oil, designed to help you sleep and to great avail. The Pod is a diffuser which takes a small jug of water and five to ten drops of essential oil, or more for larger spaces.

        The diffuser is switched on, gently disturbing the water and releasing the wonderful scents of their Perfect Night’s Sleep Essential Oil Blend; English Lavender, sweet basil and jasmine.

        Reviewers commented that the subtle bubbling sound of the water added an extra calming effect which also helped them to relax and fall asleep. The timer feature allows the Pod to be turned off after one, two or three hours, by which point you should be well on your way to the land of nod.

        Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Starter Pack

          5. Smart Nora

          Perhaps the reason you’re struggling to sleep has absolutely nothing to do with you, but your partner. If your significant other causes walls to shake and your blood to boil with their insufferable snoring then you could benefit from Smart Nora.

          Smart Nora is a pebble-shaped snoring solution which activates an expander that is placed inside your pillow. When the snoring starts, Nora detects the sounds and sends instructions to the expander inside your pillow. Nora will then gently move the head into a new position which will stop the snoring before anyone is woken up.

          This could not only save your sleep, but also your relationship!

          Smart Nora
            6. Homni

            Designed in collaboration with the European Sleep Centre, Homni uses light to simulate sunset and sunrise helping you to fall asleep and wake up gently.

            Using four integrated sensors this clever device analyses your sleeping environment looking at temperature, sound level, luminosity, and humidity.

            Using the adjoining Wellness Coach app you can then review the data and see suggestions on how to improve your sleeping situation.


              7. Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool

              Dyson have created an extremely impressive, multi-functional device with the aim to create a more comfortable environment. The Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool senses airborne particles and gases, and filters and removes 99.97% of allergens from the air.

              Priced at an arguably unreasonable price of $799.99, this gadget has an unreasonable number of features – too many to list, so here are the highlights.

              Never breathe in stale or dry air again thanks to Dyson’s ‘Air Multiplier™’, which projects purified and humidified air throughout the whole room.

              Their ‘Breeze mode’ uses unique algorithms to vary the airflow which simulates a gentle and refreshing breeze.

              ‘Night mode’ monitors, purifies, humidifies, and cools the room with a dimmed display and using the quietest of settings, as to not disturb your sleep.  


                Are you looking for something cooling but the thought of spending almost $800 on a Dyson fan is enough to give you night terrors? You might just be in luck as we have another solution for you.   

                If you thought we were above a shameless plug on our blog, then you don't know us at all. Okay, so we know a bed sheet isn’t a gadget, but we promise you will not be disappointed with these Eucalyptus bed sheets.

                We’re assuming that you came onto the blog and perhaps even made it this far (thanks for sticking around) because you really are desperate to find something to help you sleep. We know the feeling!

                However, if one of the reasons that you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep is because you simply overheat, then you should seriously consider our eucalyptus bed sheets – they might just change your life.

                They are:

                • Perfect for hot sleepers – cool to the touch, Eucalyptus Lyocell is naturally temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking, and beyond breathable.
                • Made from 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell from trees grown on sustainably managed, bio diverse farms
                • Objectively softer than cotton
                • USDA Certified Biobased Product – this certification means our sheets are derived from renewable materials (like plants) and provide an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products (like polyester).
                • Zero pesticide or insecticide use (cotton uses an estimated 16-24% of the world's insecticides by itself, including neonicotinoids).
                • Sizes: Queen, King, Full, Cal-King, Split King, Twin XL, Twin Regular
                • Colors: White, Pearl, Oat, Grey, Light Blue, Mint Green, Sage, Lavender, Purple, Red, Navy

                So, there we have the seven (or eight if you humor us) gadgets to help you sleep. We can’t stress enough how important a full, rejuvenating night’s sleep is for the mind and body. If you’re at your wits end with your lack of sleep and have tried every remedy and gadget under the sun then we advise speaking with your doctor.   

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