S&G Wins Denver Startup Week 2018!

S&G Wins Denver Startup Week 2018!

October 17, 2018

"Started from the bottom now we're... on the ~2nd rung of the ladder."

By Colin McIntosh, CEO & human pitching machine

Just before September turned into October, S&G won a thing! And not just any thing: the thing to win in Denver. S&G won Denver Startup Week 2018!

We're completely honored to take first place, and we can't say thank you enough to DSW organizers, judges, the fantastic audience, the CO startup community, and the other amazing startups that competed. I had a blast on stage, and it was an unforgettable way to cap our launch this summer. 

Most importantly, we're eternally grateful to our thousands of early supporters and customers, who helped us take S&G from a simple idea to this level in less than a year. 

Side note – I always wondered what I'd do if I ever won a giant check, and now I know:


The check took me out to dinner first

The money hasn't changed me at all.


You can read more about DSW and the 2018 pitch competition here, and we'll post a full video of the pitch at some point when it's made available to us.

We can now say that S&G literally has award-winning bed sheets. Do sheets generally win awards? Without doing any research into the matter, we're going to say no, and that this is an industry first. Don't quote us on that, but please do repeat it.

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