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Are Eucalyptus Sheets Really Sustainable?

Are Eucalyptus Sheets Really Sustainable?

We make lots of claims about our sustainability practices, but are they true or are we lying liars?

Well, if you know us, you know we take three things very seriously: 1.) Puns, 2.) Sleeping, and 3.) Sustainability. (Not necessarily in that order.)

In an effort to be fully transparent, and hopefully answer any lingering questions about our sustainability practices, we are breaking it all down in a classic Q&A format below. 


1) Where do your eucalyptus trees come from? Are other trees cleared away to make room for your eucalyptus trees?

No. No natural forests are touched in our operations and the farms are managed with the highest regard for the surrounding environment. They are sustainably managed with a focus on biodiversity at the farms, meaning we don't  support potentially destructive monocultures.

The farms are run in association with an NGO called Canopy that specifically works with members of the forest industry to protect natural and endangered forests.


2) Is Eucalyptus Lyocell sustainably made? What about cotton?

We reuse nearly 100% of the solvent used in our lyocell manufacturing process, so there is almost zero waste associated with the manufacturing process itself.

Compared to cotton, our sheets use 96% less water from seed to sale, zero insecticides and pesticides (cotton, alone, accounts for 16-24% of the entire world's insecticides), and require 30% less energy.

We're not saying eucalyptus is miraculous, but it's low maintenance, grows quickly, requires no insecticides or pesticides and is miraculous.


3) The textile industry is notoriously wasteful and is a major contributor to greenhouse gases. In terms of end of life, how is Eucalyptus Lyocell different than cotton or polyester sheets?

It's true that the textile industry has not caught up with the food and energy industries in terms of sustainability. Clothing and bedding made with ocean-polluting microfibers are cheap and ubiquitous.

Our eucalyptus bedding uses no microfibers and it biodegrades approximately 40% faster than cotton sheets. Meanwhile, microfiber from polyester doesn’t biodegrade at all.


4) Wait, isn't your comforter made with polyester? Are you guys lousy, no-good hypocrites?

Ouch, our feelings. Yes, our comforter filling is made from 50% eucalyptus and 50% polyester made from recycled plastic bottles – plastic bottles that would have otherwise found their way into the ocean or the soil. We also put Ciclo in our polyester, an additive that helps it break down naturally, at about the same rate as wool. So, we're not only repurposing plastic, we're removing it, too.


As if it wasn't obvious, we eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff (mostly sleep), so if you have more questions or concerns, please email us, reach out on social, or call us on the telephone. We love to talk sheet.

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