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What are the benefits of an adjustable pillow?
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What are the benefits of an adjustable pillow?

What are the benefits of an adjustable pillow?

There aren’t many things that you spend eight hours a day pressing your face against (at least, we’re assuming), but your pillow is one of them. The one, probably. 

So why should you settle for anything less than a pillow that fits your exact needs?

That’s right: you need an adjustable pillow. The benefits of using an adjustable pillow are seemingly endless — and don’t you worry, we’ll get into them — but first, what even is an adjustable pillow?

What is an adjustable pillow?

A standard pillow is either hard or soft, fluffy or flat. Once you buy it, you’re stuck with the same height and feel of that pillow forever. Boring! Adjustable pillows are different.

With an adjustable pillow, you can customize the firmness and loft of the pillow by opening up the cover and adding or removing filling to your liking. 

Shredded pillow filling

Or, as we like to call our latex and kapok shredded pillow filling, the Good Stuff™️

You know how you used to open up your teddy bear as a kid and pull out the stuffing? It’s kinda like that except much less destructive. RIP Mr. Cuddlesworth :(

The idea behind adjustable pillows is simple — no two people are exactly alike, so no single pillow is right for everyone. Adjustable pillows allow you to create your own perfect pillow. 

Benefits of using an adjustable pillow

If the allure of bragging to your friends that you have a custom pillow isn’t enough, here are some of the other benefits of using an adjustable pillow: 

Ideal for any sleep position

Depending on your sleep position, you need different qualities from your pillow.

Back sleepers typically need a medium-low thin pillow. Stomach sleepers are better off with a super thin pillow, while side sleepers should opt for a fluffier, medium-firm pillow. 

Man sleeping on his back wearing Sheets&Giggles eye mask

Oh no! That pillow is wayyyy too fluffy for a back sleeper. If only he had an adjustable pillow...

Rather than trying to hunt down a Goldilocks pillow with the perfect height and firmness for your sleep position, you can simply choose an adjustable pillow. Pull out or add filling until your adjustable pillow suits your sleep position. 

If your pillow needs (yup, totally a real thing) change in the future, you can always readjust your adjustable pillow then.     

Spine Alignment = Less Neck Pain

One of the key objectives for your pillow other than keeping you comfortable is ensuring proper spine alignment. 

With the right pillow, your neck and spine will be in a nice straight line. We don’t want any crazy twists or turns here because that’s a recipe for neck pain

If your pillow is too high or too low, your neck and spine won’t be in alignment, and you’ll feel it in the morning. Mornings are tough enough as it is. 

Adjustable pillows solve this problem by being… well, adjustable. Add or remove filling in your adjustable pillow until it supports the natural curve of your spine in your usual sleep position. Sleeping on a pillow with your ideal filling and firmness should help you wake up easily without neck pain. 

Fits your preferences

The most straightforward benefit of using an adjustable pillow is that it’s made to fit your pillow preferences — whatever they are. 

Want a fluffy, tall pillow? An adjustable pillow has you covered. 

More of a low and thin pillow fellow? An adjustable pillow can do that, too. 

Looking for something in the middle? Sorry, that’s actually not possible with an adjustable pillow… jk! Of course it is!

Make all your wildest pillow dreams come true with S&G’s new adjustable pillow, available now. It’s adjustable, obviously, and covered in our famous eucalyptus lyocell. It's the pillow you didn’t know you were missing. 

adjustable eucalyptus and latex filled pillow in sunlight

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