Eucalyptus Sheets “Softer than Centrists”

S&G is proud to sponsor The Lever!

We promise to not be evil sponsors, and allow David to exercise journalistic independence… provided our contractual obligation that he releases at least one story a month from the comfort of his Sheets & Giggles™ Eucalyptus bedding.

If you're a hot sleeper that wants to be as cool as independent journalism this summer, try our temperature-regulating Eucalyptus sheets, comforters, and mattresses!

Proud Supporters of The Lever

Proud Supporters of The Lever

S&G loves supporting the things we believe in. Our Founder and CEO Colin (guy in purple above) has been reading David's journalism since way back in his Salon days in 2009.

Thirteen years later, Colin was thrilled to sponsor David's 2022 Earth Day event with Denver's Women in Sustainability, and the company has supported the Lever ever since. Fun fact: Colin first met David's wife, Rep. Emily Sirota, while testifying for a public option at the Colorado state capitol.

Thank You for 100,000+ S&G Sleepers!

Thank You for 100,000+ S&G Sleepers!

“Softer than the Democratic Party.”

- David Sirota

“Soft on the knees, and even softer on the environment.”

- Ron Magill, Zoo Miami

“I got the sheets, and they’re fabulous.”

- Billy Corben, Democratic activist and director of Cocaine Cowboys

“Absolutely wonderful!"

- Aimee, Colorado Public Radio

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The Marxist Mattress

The Marxist Mattress

Please let a screenshot of this headline wind up on left Twitter.

Softer than the Senate Democrats in a fight with the Parliamentarian, our Eucalyptus Lyocell fabric is also naturally temperature-regulating, so we covered our mattress with it.

Unlike a fossil-fuel-based foam mattress, you won't overheat while you sleep, giving you longer, deeper, more healing non-REM cycles.

Two layers of renewable Talalay Latex create a breathable, buoyant cocoon, while over 1,000 tightly packed recycled steel coils provide a layer of firm back support.

Along with your lumbar, it also supports single-payer healthcare, free continuing education, and guaranteed family leave.

The Minimum Wage is Too Pil-low

The Minimum Wage is Too Pil-low

Our plant-based adjustable pillows are made right here in Denver with formerly incarcerated persons making $17/hour, a livable wage that helps lower our local recidivism and homelessness rates.

The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

Know someone who loves puns, sleeping, and sustainability? S&G makes for a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift that keeps on giving.

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Learn Some Sheet

Learn Some Sheet

What makes S&G's 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell sheets so special?

Scientifically Softer: perfectly cylindrical filaments create lower surface friction than even the highest-thread-count cotton sheets.

Temperature Regulation: unique cellular structure wicks away and evaporates moisture (i.e., sweat) more rapidly than other fabrics, keeping you dry and at the perfect temperature for uninterrupted, healing non-REM sleep.

Unmatched Sustainability: vs cotton, our sheets use up to 96% less water, 30% less energy, and ∞% less pesticides (i.e., we don't use any). They're made via a closed-loop Lyocell process with zero runoff or hazardous chemical release.

We try: we utilize zero-plastic and reycled packaging, have donated thousands of sheet sets to homeless shelters, and have even donated over $100,000 in cash to charity in our first 4 years.

Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial, Dust Mite Resistant

Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial, Dust Mite Resistant

Bacteria grows up to 2000x slower in our Eucalyptus Lyocell vs cotton, and dust mites will die off instead of multiplying.

And our zero-static, smoother-than-cotton weave means pet hair brushes off easily, and washes out completely.

So even if you're as dirty as Clarence Thomas, your sheets will stay squeaky clean.

Dreamed Up in Denver

Dreamed Up in Denver

Our famous Eucalyptus sheets have so much to offer.

Top 10 Reasons to switch to Sheets & Giggles:

10) Temperature balancing to combat night sweats

9) Bottom left corner tags

8) Extra deep pockets
7) Softer after every wash
6) Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, zero static
5) No pesticides or insecticides
4) Certified OEKO-TEX®, FKT®, Vegan, and UDSA BioPreferred

3) Dermatologist-recommended for sensitive skin and hair

2) Perfect gift

1) Supports The Lever

The Eucalyptus Mattress

The Eucalyptus Mattress

Our Eucalyptus Mattress is made in the USA from 90% American materials and constructed from just4 main renewable ingredients: Eucalyptus Lyocell, latex from Rubber Tree sap, recycled polyester from post-consumer water bottles, and recycled US steel.

Expect zero foam, fiberglass, or off-gassing. 100% vegan.

Free Returns, 100 Night Trial, 9.8/10 Sex Rating (actually) >

Bizarro-World MyPillow Guy

Bizarro-World MyPillow Guy

Our Founder & CEO, Colin, is just like Mike Lindell... if he supported eliminating money politics, drastic action on the climate crisis, a livable minimum wage, workers' rights, reproductive rights, single-payer healthcare, free education, guaranteed maternity leave, antitrust action, free and fair elections... basically the same guy.

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