David Sirota working from bed with Sheets & Giggles and dog

Over 100,000 S&G sleepers!

Including the Sirotas!

David said we were allowed to use this image as long as we don't insinuate he writes his groundbreaking journalism from bed.

Which of course, we'd never do.

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"Ridiculously Soft Sheets"

- Forbes®

Orchid Ice and Ice Water Detail Shot of Fabric||

Why Eucalyptus?

Scientifically Softer: perfectly cylindrical filaments create lower surface friction than even the highest-thread-count cotton sheets. Much like Establishment Democrats, it's impossibly soft.

Temperature Regulation: unique cellular structure wicks away and evaporates moisture (i.e., sweat) more rapidly than other fabrics, keeping you dry and at the perfect temperature for uninterrupted, healing non-REM sleep. Even hot heads in DC would sleep cool in these puppies.

Unmatched Sustainability: vs cotton, our sheets use up to 96% less water, 30% less energy, and ∞% less pesticides (i.e., we don't use any). They're made via a closed-loop Lyocell process with zero runoff or hazardous chemical release. So sustainable, Elon Musk would've come up with them if he wasn't a complete fraud.

We try: we utilize zero-plastic and reycled packaging, have donated thousands of sheet sets to homeless shelters, and have even donated over $175,000 to charity in our first 5 years – including Women in Sustainability's 2022 Earth Day event, where we met David!

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us:

10) Temperature balancing to prevent night sweats

9) Bottom left corner tags

8) Extra deep pockets

7) Softer after every wash

6) Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, zero static

5) No pesticides or insecticides

4) Certified OEKO-TEX®, FKT®, Vegan, and UDSA BioPreferred

3) Dermatologist-recommended for sensitive skin and hair

2) Christmas (gift)

1) Supports The Lever's independent journalism, with only occasional quid pro quos (big bedding controls all).

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The Eucalyptus Mattress

Our natural Eucalyptus Mattress is made in the USA from 90% American materials and constructed from just 4 main renewable ingredients: Eucalyptus Lyocell, latex from rubber tree sap, recycled polyester from post-consumer water bottles, and recycled US steel.

Expect zero foam, fiberglass, or off-gassing. 100% vegan.

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Hell Yeah

Soft but Firm

Our new adjustable Eucalyptus Pillow comes overstuffed for side sleepers sick of craning their neck, and an extra knapsack for extra stuffing storage. Just remove stuffing until you get to your desired height, and wake up without any stiffness or pain.

Stuffed with renewable shredded natural latex and kapok fibers, and wrapped in our cooling Eucalyptus Lyocell.

Made right here in Denver by recently incarcerated persons making a living wage, which helps reduce our local recidivism and homelessness rates.

Stuffin' it!
Man with eye mask on pets cat on sheets and giggles gray eucalyptus sheets

Cleaner than David's Record

Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial, Dust Mite Resistant

Bacteria grows up to 2000x slower in our Eucalyptus Lyocell vs cotton, and dust mites will die off instead of multiplying.

And our zero-static, smoother-than-cotton weave means pet hair brushes off easily, and washes out completely.

So our sheets can actually help lower your medical bills, the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the United States.

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