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It’s Saber CYBER Monday! (ish)

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Sheety Gifts

Sheety Gifts

Hey, look, it's that time of the year when we give stuff to each other for various reasons.

If you have a beautiful significant other like Ryan does, S&G makes a thoughtful gift that says, "I love you, I decided." And if you sleep next to said partner, luxury sheets are also a sneaky gift to yourself, too.

Code SABERMONDAY takes another 10% off our already-discounted prices >

Save Even More

Save Even More

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100,000+ Shiggles Sleepers Know Their Sheet

"Game changer."- Chris Cote

"My husband and I both sleep hot and these sheets have made so much difference. We are sleeping cooler and as a result sleeping better."- Samantha

"I'm keeping these sheets." - The Adstronaut's brother

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Learn Some Sheet

Learn Some Sheet

What makes Eucalyptus Lyocell so special?

Softness: perfectly cylindrical filaments create lower surface friction than even the highest-thread-count cotton sheets, for an impossibly smooth touch.

Temperature Regulation: unique cellular structure wicks away and evaporates moisture (i.e., sweat) more rapidly than other fabrics, keeping you dry and at the perfect temperature for uninterrupted, healing non-REM sleep.

Sustainability: vs cotton, our sheets use up to 96% less water, 30% less energy, and ∞% less pesticides (i.e., we don't use any). We also utilize zero-plastic and reycled packaging, donate sheet sets to homeless shelters, and have donated over $100,000 to charity in our first 3 years – you could say we give a sheet.

Dreamed Up in Denver

Dreamed Up in Denver

Our flagship 400 thread count Eucalyptus sheets have so much to offer:

✓ Temperature balancing to combat night sweats

✓ Bottom left corner tags

✓ Free shipping and returns with no hard time limit
✓ Extra deep pockets on fitted sheets
✓ Flat sheets have 4" of extra length
✓ 14 beautiful colors to choose from
✓ Softer after every wash
✓ A commanding moustache
✓ Antimicrobial, Hypoallergenic, Zero Static
✓ Dermatologist-Recommended
✓ No Pesticides or Insecticides
✓ OEKO-TEX®, FKT®, Vegan, and UDSA BioPreferred Certified

We Made a Frickin’ Mattress!

We Made a Frickin’ Mattress!

3 years ago when we started sponsoring Ryan, we asked him if we should make an Earth-friendly eucalyptus mattress to go with our award-winning sustainable sheets.

He replied, "Why are you asking me? These are internal company decisions that I'm not privy to."

His words really inspired us.

Soft, Supportive, Cooling

Soft, Supportive, Cooling

Softer than even the best cotton, our famous Eucalyptus Lyocell fabric is also naturally temperature-regulating, so we covered our mattress with it.

Unlike a foam mattress, you won't overheat while you sleep, giving you longer, deeper, more healing non-REM cycles.

Two layers of renewable Talalay Latex create a breathable, buoyant cocoon, while over 1,000 tightly packed recycled steel coils provide a layer of firm back support.

Save up to $650!

Save up to $650!

Our new Eucalyptus Mattress is made in the USA from 90% American materials and constructed from just 3 main renewable ingredients: Eucalyptus fiber, Rubber Tree sap, and recycled US steel. Expect zero foam, fiberglass, or off-gassing. 100% vegan.

Code SABERMONDAY takes off another 10% >

Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial, Dust Mite Resistant

Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial, Dust Mite Resistant

Bacteria grows up to 2000x slower in our Eucalyptus Lyocell vs cotton, and dust mites will die off instead of multiplying. And our zero-static, smoother-than-cotton weave means pet hair brushes off easily, and washes out completely.

Introducing: our Eucalyptus Pillow!

Meet the first pillow ever to combine an adjustable, natural fill with cooling Eucalyptus Lyocell fabric.

Proud Sponsors of Ryan

Proud Sponsors of Ryan

We were fans first, and sponsors second.

We've been sponsoring Ryan since 2019. In that time, we've made a mattress, killed the adstronaut's brother, and have financed 10+ videos. We're so proud that all our money and all his time have led up to Ryan milking himself on camera for all of us to enjoy. An udder masterpiece.

A Dream Come Moo

A Dream Come Moo

Your support of S&G is what allows us to keep sponsoring our favorite creator. As long as you keep ordering sheets, we'll milk this relationship for as long as we can.

We hope to keep sponsoring for years to come!

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