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introducing: the eucalyptus mattress

introducing: the eucalyptus mattress

Our new Eucalyptus Mattress is made in the USA from 90% American materials and constructed from just 3 main renewable ingredients: Eucalyptus fiber, Rubber Tree sap, and recycled US steel. Expect zero foam, fiberglass, synthetics, petrochemicals, plastics, or off-gassing. 100% vegan.

soft, supportive, cooling

soft, supportive, cooling

Softer than even the best cotton, our Eucalyptus Lyocell fabric is also naturally temperature-regulating, so we covered our mattress with it. Unlike a foam mattress, you won't overheat while you sleep, giving you longer, deeper, more healing non-REM cycles. Two layers of renewable Talalay Latex create a breathable, buoyant cocoon, while over 1,000 tightly packed recycled steel coils provide a layer of firm back support.

also new from S&G: the eucalyptus pillow!

Meet the first pillow ever to combine an adjustable, natural fill with cooling Eucalyptus Lyocell fabric.

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