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Eucalyptus: the best sheets ever.

Lightweight & Cooling

More breathable than air, cooler than Keanu.


Hey hot sleepers, we got your sweat-free sheets right here.


Silky soft? no, no. These sheets are eucalyptus-y soft.

Hair & Skin Friendly

Get used to hearing, “wow, you look younger, have you been sleeping on eucalyptus sheets?”

We're Bed Serious

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Our Story

The Good Sheet

Designed in Denver

We put a lot of thought into this sheet (and everything else we make).

Sustainably Made

We make products that don’t harm our planet because we really like it here.

Cruelty Free

We don’t test on animals, but we do let them sleep in our beds.

Riskless Return

Returns and exchanges are free and easy with our automated returns portal.


Our reviews are hot (our sheets are not)

Giving a sheet since 2017

We’re just humble bedding merchants, but we aim to take care of the planet and the people who sleep on it.

To protect and conserve

Our Lyocell fabric is made in a closed-loop system that recovers and reuses nearly 100% of water and solvents. Vs cotton, it uses up to 96% less water, 30% less energy, and zero insecticides. No microplastics, either.

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One, two, tree...

A single tree can absorb 48 pounds of CO2 per year. Since our founding in 2017, we’ve planted tens of thousands of new native trees in areas of the US that need reforestation. We also plant two trees for every tree we harvest for a renewable supply chain.

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Pledge 1%

As a Pledge 1% company, we pledge at least 1% of our equity, products, and profits to charity. Since 2019, we've given over $100,000 to charities like the World Wildlife Fund®, Colorado COVID Relief, St. Jude's, and so many more.

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