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Shipping Delays 2: Too Slow, Don't Be Furious

Shipping Delays 2: Too Slow, Don't Be Furious

Delay of the Land

If you placed an order with us in the last month, we told you to expect your bedding sometime in January. Unfortunately, since then, shipping delays have only gotten worse and now we look like lying liars.

The reasons for these delays are two-fold (it’s COVID, it’s always COVID):

  1. Everyone’s ordering everything online. This has led to the much-talked about logistics issues with couriers like UPS and FedEx, as well as the less-talked about logistics issues with shipping containers at ports. Put simply, there’s a lot of stuff and literally nowhere to put it.

  2. Fewer workers. The total labor force in Southern California (where our shipping containers are currently located) has been reduced because of COVID-19, which means fewer longshore workers are being assigned to each terminal. 

The good news is, in spite of these issues, we expect all orders to ship very soon. If you’re okay waiting a little bit longer, sit tight and we’ll let you know when your bedding is on the way. 

If you’re tired of waiting, reach out to us and we’ll cancel your order right away. 

Again, we’re truly sorry for unexpected shipping delays, COVID-19, and having to write buzzkill blog posts like this. We wish we could wave a magic wand and make all those things disappear. 

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