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Sheets & Giggles' content tips and tricks for online brands

Sheets & Giggles' content tips and tricks for online brands

S&G's content strategy according to CEO Colin McIntosh

Content is king is a thing we hate saying, but it's true, we hate admitting.

Recently, S&G CEO, Colin, sat down with Liz Giorgi, the CEO and co-founder of Soona, to discuss his journey from a tech startup to a textile startup. (Please note the clever wordplay.)

Colin discussed S&G's content, why it's so important to us, how to do it right, and how to do it wrong.

Here is the tl;dr in a convenient bullet list.

Content tips and tricks

  • Doing a photo shoot? Build it around a theme or concept.

three men in a bed drinking wine
We built our very first photo shoot around the concept of three men in bed drinking wine. Cheers.

  • For product and lifestyle photos, do something totally unique and visually different from other brands. The goal is to get people to stop scrolling.

man riding a bike while wearing a comforter
Like this. This was for our comforter campaign, "The comforter you'll want to wear everywhere."

  • Be sweet, not saccharine.
  • Be sarcastic, not biting.
  • Be funny, not corny.
  • Be clever, but don't try too hard.
  • People don't have short attention spans, they have short consideration spans. Make your content worthy of your audience's time.
  • Forget generic product descriptions on your website. Be funny, be clever, be human. Nobody knows what "artisanal" means.
eucalyptus comforter product pageWe couldn't think of a good simile, okay?

  • Make content that people enjoy so much they share it with a friend. Like everything on our incredible Instagram page. (You're killing it, Carl.)
  • Take risks. Don't play it safe.

We made a video about a heat demon. It offended some people, but delighted most. Hell, yeah.

  • Don't be redundant like we were in the previous bullet.
  • Build a core audience and speak directly to them. Don't try to be everything to everyone.
  • Puns scale, apparently, but don't go overboard.


Watch the full interview here:




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