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Say Goodbye to Tired Skin and Hello to Sweet Dreams with True Botanicals & S&G
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Say Goodbye to Tired Skin and Hello to Sweet Dreams with True Botanicals & S&G

How to Get Your Beauty Sleep Like a Pro

You know what they say, a good night's sleep is not just important for your beauty, it's crucial for both your physical and mental health too. So, let's up our sleep game, shall we? By incorporating some quality skincare products and bedding from True Botanicals and Sheets & Giggles, you can create a healthy and relaxing nighttime routine.

a cat perched on a present on a bed

"Sorry for hurling on the carpet. Here's some organic skin cream."

True Botanicals: A Natural Beauty Secret

True Botanicals is the genie in a bottle you've been wishing for. Their all-natural, non-toxic, and effective skincare products are made from the finest organic and vegan ingredients, making them a perfect choice for anyone who wants to take their skincare routine to the next level. 

Plus, True Botanicals isn't just a pretty face, they're responsible too. Every True Botanicals product is sustainable, ethical, and MADE SAFE certified. Check out their annual sustainability report, it'll make you feel as good as their products make your skin look.

A Nighttime Skincare Routine to Dream About

Here's a recommended skincare routine using True Botanicals products to help you get your beauty sleep:

  • Cleansing Balm: This delightful balm will help you remove even the most stubborn makeup, including your mascara. Simply massage the balm onto your dry skin and rinse it off with warm water to leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.
  • Essence: This formula will nourish and hydrate your skin like a dream. Simply pat the essence onto your damp skin for best results.
  • Sleep Mask: This luxurious mask will soothe and hydrate your skin while you catch your z's. A little goes a long way, so apply a thin layer and let it soak in before applying moisturizer.
  • Chebula Extreme Cream (pictured below): This rich and nourishing cream will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making you look just as young as you feel. (Warm tip: Warm up a small amount between your hands before applying to your skin.)
  • Lip Balm: This hydrating lip balm is a lifesaver. Apply to your lips before bedtime for a boost of hydration or to your cheeks for a natural-looking flush.
True Botanicals cream

"The scents from True Botanicals products are so relaxing, you'll want to apply them before bed every night!"

Get good clean sleep with S&G 

Good skincare products are only half the battle, You need a good bed and bedding too! That's where Sheets & Giggles bedding products come in.

This may be controversial, but we think the place where you lie down for 7-9 hours every night should be free of toxins and harmful chemicals. (Please don't cancel us.)

We offer a range of soft, comfortable, and hypoallergenic sheets, pillows, duvets, throws, and even a mattress made from all-natural, non-toxic materials like USDA Biobased Eucalyptus Lyocell and GOLS-certified organic latex.

Additionally, the moisture-wicking quality of Eucalyptus Lyocell keeps you cool, dry, and clean all night. It also keeps pesky bacteria, fungi, mold, and dust mites at bay – those notorious skin and eye irritants.

a bed with pink (orchid) sheets
"Climb in. You'll feel bedder in the morning."

Transform Your Bedroom into a Spa-tacular Oasis

True Botanicals and Sheets & Giggles bedding will help you create a nighttime routine that's effective and luxurious. You'll sleep better, and your skin will look and feel better too. Explore this dynamic duo today!

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