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S&G and the Jax Fam Foundation: Sending Kids to College
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S&G and the Jax Fam Foundation: Sending Kids to College

Watch a conversation between Jason Jackson (longtime sideline reporter and radio voice of the Miami Heat) and Colin McIntosh (S&G CEO and South Florida native) about the Jax Fam Foundation's annual charity fundraiser, Santa Jax

S&G is sponsoring Santa Jax for the 2nd year in a row, and all ticket and donation proceeds will go towards financial support for qualified students to attend college.

Get your tickets now, hang out all night with Jax and Chris Cote from the Dan Le Batard Show, and support an amazing cause!

Santa Jax is this Monday, 11/27, in Miami at the historic Ball & Chain.



As part of our third year supporting the Jax Fam Foundation, we will be donating a portion of sales on Giving Tuesday (11/28) to the JFF!

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