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Fabric, Surface Friction, and YOU!
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Fabric, Surface Friction, and YOU!

Let's dive into a world beyond silk, and talk about Eucalyptus Lyocell — the only material in our world-famous bedding. (Ok, Canada and US-famous bedding... it's hard to expand to other countries... did you know their bed sizes are off by like 2"?? It's insane... ok tangent over.)

Ever wonder why our sheets are unbelievably smooth and gentle, even on easily irritated skin? Let's unravel the science behind Lyocell's low coefficient of friction.

The Smoothness of Lyocell: More Than Just a Feeling

Lyocell is our USDA BioPreferred® form of cellulosic rayon, made from natural fiber from plants (notably, Eucalyptus). It's renowned for its buttery-smooth texture, cool-to-the-touch feel, and lightweight all-night breathability. But this isn't just a tactile delight; there's actual science behind it. The lower coefficient of friction in Lyocell means it has less resistance when sliding against another surface, like your skin.

Why Lyocell Wins in the Smoothness Stakes

  1. Smooth Fiber Surface: Under a microscope, Lyocell fibers can be seen to be remarkably smooth vs other materials. This cellular smoothness translates to less friction and more comfort.
  2. Fiber Alignment and Fabric Construction: The way fibers are woven plays a crucial role. Lyocell's aligned structure ensures a consistent, sleek texture.
  3. Moisture Management: Lyocell's excellent moisture-wicking properties also reduce friction. Moist skin can increase friction with fabrics, but Lyocell's quick-drying feature keeps this in check.
  4. Cellular Composition: The perfectly cylindrical cross-section of Lyocell filaments also contributes to its lower friction.

Why This Matters for Your Sleep

Comfort isn't just about "soft" – it's about reducing irritation and friction, especially for sensitive skin, which is why S&G's Lyocell sheets are the preferred choice of folks with eczema, contact dermatitis, and other chronic conditions. Lyocell sheets offer a gentler option, reducing the microscopic tug and pull you might feel with other fabrics. This means smoother nights and happier skin.

At S&G, we pride ourselves on making attainably affordable, extremely luxurious, Earth-approved bedding. S&G's flagship sheets will enhance your evening experience – and amplify the health results that come with uninterrupted sleep. (And we do all this with renewably grown trees!)

So, the next time you glide into your S&G sheets, remember: Lyocell's low coefficient of friction isn't just a fancy term... it's a scientific breakthrough!

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