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Reviews of Eucalyptus Sheets aka Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Reviews of Eucalyptus Sheets aka Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Reviews of our Eucalyptus Sheets

Having a difficult time deciding which eucalyptus sheets to buy? We’re here to help. We compiled some of our most recent eucalyptus sheet reviews in this blog post (not to be confused with our Eucalyptus Sheet Revue which premieres this Spring at the Buell Theater in Denver, pandemic-permitting).

Recent press reviews of our eucalyptus sheets

I have the blue sheet set for my bed and the 100% Eucalyptus comforter and I adore both! The sheets are an ideal blend of soft, cool, and crisp.

-Harper Hendrickson of BuzzFeed

I’ve since washed the sheets and pillowcases several more times and they seem to just keep getting softer and more luxurious.

-Sholeen Damarwala of Apartment Therapy

These sheets (which come in lots of colors) are crazy-soft and breathable, thanks to a lyocell fabric made from eucalyptus wood pulp, a renewable resource grown on sustainably managed farms.

-Christine Deorio of 5280 Denver Magazine

Eucalyptus bed sheets are a godsend for many reasons—cooling properties, anti-wrinkle fabric, and uber-luxurious texture among them—but they’re also optimal for dust allergies. This type of bedding naturally repels dust mites, bed bugs, and pet dander so your bed is less prone to buildup.

-Hana Hong of Real Simple

You deserve an upgrade. These Eucalyptus bed sheets are soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and good for the environment. That’s right, they’re sustainably made, too.

-Daniel Modlin of the Daily Beast

These ultra-soft sheets will have you sleeping comfortably, knowing both your skin and the environment will benefit.

-Amanda Mitchell and Sean Piccoli of NBC News

These sheets are the softest sheets I have ever owned. The eucalyptus material is very light, smooth, and soft to the touch. Because of the natural material, I felt that they were very cooling and comfortable to sleep on!

-Sabrina Wisbiski of Brightly

I love that they come plastic free, don't use chemicals/pesticides, and save more water and energy than cotton sheets! They are also great sheets for the summer as they are super light weight and cooling. They are soft and I slept amazing with them!

-Ashlee Sang of Brightly

I loved how cool this bedding kept me at night! I usually get too hot with my traditional duvet and have to turn on the AC, but I slept through the night with these! The packaging was fun and completely recyclable.

-Kelsea Cole of Brightly

Customer reviews of our eucalyptus sheets

Just in case you think we bribed the press to praise our sheet, here's a handful of reviews from some real life S&G customers. As you'll see, our customers are honest, punny, and passionate about us - which is probably why we get along so well. (BTW, these are all 5-star reviews.)

This is the first time I have ever written a review on anything.  These sheets are absolutely amazing!! If you are a hot sleeper, YOU NEED THESE SHEETS! Will never purchase any other sheets from this point on. They are amazingly soft and just keep getting softer.
-Jodie W.

I have found love again... it's these sheets
I, like many of us, have been hurt before. Most sheets didn't come in the bright colors I wanted, and the ones that did ended up being scratchy and uncomfortable. I had resigned myself to heartbreak until I saw the mint green sheets from Sheets & Giggles. It was a match made in heaven. I bought them, slept on them, they made me breakfast the next morning. I haven't looked back since. <3
-Elle V.


Best Sheet EVER!
Best sheet I have ever slept on in my 57 years on this earth.
-Scott R.

And we can build this dream togetherThey're awesome. What more can I even say? I get compliments on my new sheets and compliments on how well-rested I look.
-Christopher W.

Soooo cool
Seriously, the best sleep I’ve ever had. When my ex-husband took our bed and all the sheets with him, I was honestly most upset about losing the brand new S&G sheets. So thrilled I finally replaced them for my new bed, and I’ve never slept cooler!
-Allison M.

Fantastic all around!
The sheets are amazing...great temp control and super soft. The customer service is truly fantastic as well. Super fast, friendly and helpful responses from them. They truly value their customers, which is rare these days. I can not recommend this company enough!

New Favorite Sheets-Ride or Die
My husband and I both love them. I haven't slept this well in years. I haven't woken up sweaty once since putting them on my bed (seriously!) and it's been over a week in the middle of summer. I bought a set of twin sheets for my kids and they both commented on how nice they were, even the teenage boy who hardly notices anything.
- Rhonda

The Best Sheets I've Ever Owned!
To say they are soft is an understatement. They were soft and cool and I just couldn't wait to get to bed. My wife had not seen me do all of this until she came to bed. Lets just say that I wasn't only lucky that I bought sheets that night! 
-A Big Fireman in VA

Even in Alaska
I was looking for a more comfortable duvet and I found it. This keeps me warm in the cold Alaskan nights without overheating like my previous ones have. Definitely will recommend!

These guys aren't full of sheet.
If you're thinking you don't know if you can afford nice sheets--stop it. I'll never get back all the years I spent ignoring the value of my sleep, and they only serve as the sour comparison to the sweet we've discovered. On top of all that, which believe me, is way more than enough to justify the purchase, these guys are doing some stuff that's really great. Don't get me wrong, I'd still be as thrilled with the sheets if I found out they were woven from the tear-soaked fibers of teddy bears snatched away from toddlers. They are SUPERB sheets. Period. Full stop. Aaaaand it just so happens that they are making them in a way that moves humanity a bit further away from being like a Roomba smearing a cat **** around Earth's living room. I approve.

Hopefully, these totally unbiased, pulled-at-random, glowing reviews from the press and actual customers helped you make an informed decision. If you're interested in reading reviews from customers who said our sheets helped alleviate their various ailments, check out this post.
And, if you're ready to get the best night's sleep of your life, click here.

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