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New look, same great taste
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New look, same great taste

We got a makeover!

Look! We have a new look.

sheets & giggles logo

Sheets & Giggles has evolved over the past four years, and, now, so has our look. We're like that high school senior who buys a new wardrobe and loses the bangs the summer before college. Now we say things like, "Fast fashion is ruining the planet," and "This beef jerky is made entirely from sticks."

Okay, so we're not that insufferable (hopefully).

Here's the thought process behind our little makeover.

We want to be intentional

Look, we love the royal purple color of our flagship eucalyptus sheets, but it's not a color that screams "all-natural." (Due to a defective batch at the factory, however, they do occasionally scream.) Our new branding, from the colors to the fonts were carefully chosen to reflect who we are and what we stand for. Which brings us to the next point.

We want to create a brand that feels cohesive and sticks to our values (sustainability, humor, & comfort)

When we make a new product, the first thing we ask ourselves is, "Is this going to help or hurt the planet?" Our mission, our whole deal, is to prove that you can make sustainable products that are also incredibly comfy. Sustainability has always been our driving force, but our look hasn't always reflected that. Now, our colors, icons, fonts, and photography all align with our mission of making sustainable, comfortable products, but without taking ourselves too seriously.

We want S&G to resonate with you

We also want S&G to reflect your values. You're here because you care about comfort and sustainability and not taking yourself too seriously. When you land on our new homepage, we hope it's clear that we care that you care about those things.

Was that clear?

We want to bridge authenticity and interior design with our own unique lens

Sure, we look at our competitors' Instagram pages. Professional photographs of pristine, well-appointed bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Central Park are gorgeous, but are they relatable? We have our own ideas about product photography and they involve messy beds, modest bedrooms, and affordable, sustainable bedding (and beds!). As we roll out new products, you'll no doubt notice our unique take on interior design.

a hand grabbing a glass of water on a wooden tray on a bed

Anyway, that's our rebrand. We hope you like what we've done with the place.

icon of a bed

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