Hypoallergenic doesn't mean what you think it means

Hypoallergenic doesn't mean what you think it means


What does 'hypoallergenic' actually mean?

Nothing, really.

In 1978, the FDA proposed a regulation that would set standards for the term "hypoallergenic." Their proposal was reasonable: prove that a "hypoallergenic" product is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than one that doesn't make the claim. The goal was to clear up any confusion for consumers.  

Unfortunately, the regulation was challenged in Federal court by Big Makeup (makers of "hypoallergenic" cosmetics) where it was quickly struck down. 

This means to this day, there is no regulation specifically defining or governing the use of the term "hypoallergenic" or similar claims. The term means whatever a company wants it to mean.

So, what does hypoallergenic mean to this company? 

Is Eucalyptus Lyocell hypoallergenic?

a man, woman, and a baby on a bed
Our eucalyptus mattress is hypoallergenic, if that means anything to you.

Big Dictionary defines hypoallergenic as "relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction." Obviously, that's not super concrete or comforting for those with severe allergies, but here's what we at Sheets & Giggles do know.

    1. Our bedding is made from the pulped wood of eucalyptus trees, not the leaves. So if you know you're allergic to eucalyptus oils or perfumes, you need not worry. And, no, our eucalyptus bedding doesn't smell like eucalyptus. It smells like sweet dreams and REM sleep. 
        2. The process of turning the wood into fabric requires no harmful chemicals. In fact, the only chemical we use is called amine oxide. It's non-toxic and organic. The other chemical we use is H2O, or as we call it, “flavorless juice.” 
            3. Our sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they are tested to be “harmless without exception.” They're also FKT certified, which means they cause no bodily reactions whatsoever (aside from “wow, these sheets make my body so happy”). 
                4. Eucalyptus lyocell fibers are softer than cotton or wool because they’re uniform in size and shape, plus a sateen weave creates more contact with the skin. We’ve heard from many customers with contact sensitivity that our sheets have “spoiled them.” Guess we’re like the grandparents of the bedding industry. 
                    5. Eucalyptus is an expert at moisture management which forces moisture-loving sickos like bacteria, fungi, and dust mites to go elsewhere (like to a swamp or on polyester sheets). 
                      6. Eucalyptus is static-free. This means it doesn't attract common allergens like pet hair, human hair, mullet hair, peanuts, and dust.

                      So even though it’s just a made-up marketing term to sell more things, this is why we feel comfortable describing our eucalyptus bedding as hypoallergenic. Does that make us hypoallergenic-crites? No. Maybe.

                      There's no such thing as nonallergenic

                      Lastly, any product, whether it's sunscreen, crackers, or t-shirts could cause an allergic reaction. As a consumer, your best bet is to read the ingredient list and check the label. If you know you're allergic to a certain ingredient, don't put it on your face/in your mouth/on your body. 

                      Unfortunately, that's the best we can do because Big Makeup won't allow us to define it.

                      The good news is our sheets, duvet covers, throw blankets, and pillowcases are 100% eucalyptus so the ingredient list is pretty straightforward. :)

                      a leaf green heavy throw blanket on a stool
                      Our heavy throw blanket in leaf green at open mic night.
                      Try something cozier than cotton.

                      Try something cozier than cotton.

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